Review: Showstoppers’ The Wedding Singer


So, a musical adaptation of the movie The Wedding Singer, famously starring Adam Sandler as the original protagonist Robbie Hart. An interesting choice from Showstoppers for the society’s main show and as far removed as humanly possible from any of their other shows this year.

The Wedding Singer tells the story of wedding singer Robbie Hart (Toby Hasler-Winter) who is tragically left at the altar by his fiancée Linda (Lucy ‘Magoo’ Gardner). As engaged waitress Julia (Daniella Gambier) tries to get him back on his feet, the two fall for one another via the medium of a series of classic romcom clichés, culminating in their eventual wedding and cyclical conclusion of the show. Suffice to say, my initial concern was how the movie would translate to the stage and the way in which the copious amounts of cheese and cliché would be handled without becoming completely farcical.

However, these concerns were completely unfounded. The pacing was impeccable, the choreography was superb and the aforementioned copious amount of cheese was delivered with enough conviction to be absolute comedy gold.

The developing relationship between the romantic leads was deliciously awkward and the chemistry between the two was hard to ignore.

Honourable mention must go to both Chinonye Iroegbulem as Robbie’s grandmother Rosie and David Allwright as George. The two delivered the most enjoyable comic performances I’ve witnessed this year and certainly had the audience convinced that it’s never too late to ‘move that thang!’

Spectacular vocal performances came from Daniella Gambier and Toby Hasler-Winter as Julia and Robbie, as well as from Liberty Buckland as Holly.

Jez Roberts and Lucy ‘Magoo’ Gardner should both congratulate themselves for succeeding in delighting the audience with the two truly obnoxious characters of Glen and Linda. It is unfortunate that Lucy was partially drowned out by the band during ‘Let Me Come Home.’ However, the choreography made her intentions more than clear on the occasions in which the lyrics were unintelligible.

This was a feel-good show not to be missed. It deals with the complex emotional rollercoaster of human romantic relationships with a hefty dose of 80’s flair and fun. Truly spectacular!


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