Jazzmanix’s Summer Concert Reviewed


After hearing so much about Jazzmanix and their fantastic concerts, I decided it was about that I went to see if they lived up to their hype. I was definitely not disappointed. The standard of singing was exceptional throughout, and I was incredibly impressed by their professionalism and the unity the choir showed throughout the evening.

Credited to Chris Tyson

Performed in Turner Sims Concert Hall, the pop and gospel choir performed music in small groups as well as pieces with the entire ensemble. The music choices were lively and engaging, with some impressive medleys, including Bob Marley, Disney and Beach Boys. The singers displayed their ability to perform a variety of music to a terrific standard and their energy and passion has not been matched by another performance that I have seen at the university.

The first half was a series of 5 smaller groups, whose energetic performances were complimented by their innovative use of props and actions. Allure’s rendition of Outkast’s Hey Ya was a particular highlight for me, and the arrangement by Sarah Ellard was perfect for the very talented eight singers. My favourite from the small groups was Motown Fever, who sang excellently with some wonderful song choices.

The balance between the parts was excellent throughout, with no voices lost and the soloists not overshadowed by the immense choir. Dress was also impressive, with everyone looking professional, although all singers need to remember to smile! Solos by Joe Nurse, Jo Stevens and Evie Asio-Okwalinga were particularly impressionable, with some serious singing talent being displayed by the individuals. The band, under the instruction of Marios and Tom Denton, was superb and displayed a real passion and enjoyment from the members.

The opportunity for audience participation with Brighter Day was a good way of breaking up the songs, and most members of the audience enjoyed the opportunity to sing with such an impressive choir.

Jazzmanix will be back next year and if there concerts are as good as this one then they are definitely not to be missed.


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