Who Should Benefit from Exceptional University Teaching?


  1. Those who happen to be on a particular course
  2. The entire student body
  3. The public/charities/widening participation schemes
  4. The entire internet using world

If you agree with either two, three or four then you may well be interested in a social venture recently launched at Bristol and hoping to take hold in universities across the country.

Fruni, the Free Range University, is a social enterprise built upon the belief that the benefits of higher education should be shared around and that by doing so a whole host of positive social impacts can be achieved.

The idea is that students nominate and then vote in their most inspirational lecturers who go on to take part in a series of open lectures which any student can attend. The ‘Best of Bristol’ lectures have taken place twice now and students have packed out lecture halls for a diverse range of talks, from growing old to the effects of drug abuse on the brain and the links between British Diplomacy and Royal Fashion.

These, and other interested lecturers, can then offer their time to non-university audiences, with an emphasis on organisations who want to use that teaching to create social change or widen participation in higher education. The lectures also go online, so literally anyone can benefit from specialist expertise, including you; ‘Philosophy – Why Bother’ anyone?

By simply looking through the messages of support on the Fruni website you can find a seemingly unending list of reasons why Fruni should be considered here at Southampton, including discovering solutions to social problems, improving teaching standards and increasing lateral thinking. If you would like to voice your support simply go to the website, type in University of Southampton and take two minutes to put your name to the campaign.


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    This is a fantastic idea. I was going to link you the recent Scene article about Soton’s education disparity, but then I realised you wrote it!
    Definitely giving my support to bring this to Southampton.


    I’ll branch out of education soon! I’m glad you like the idea, keep sharing 🙂

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