What the heck is going on: Thursday 27th


With so many events and activities happening during Freshers’ Week, with SUSU and your JCR’s alone, Wessex Scene makes it as simple as possible to know what’s happening on what days so you can decide how and where to spend your precious Freshers’ Week.

Kind of a Big Deal (10am-3pm): Find out how SUSU keeps “ethical, environmentally friendly and socially awesome!” Head down to the Union to find out about societies and events going on and learn about “Southampton Waste Wars”, where halls compete to be the most recyclable and win big! Plus, there’s plenty of great deals and freebies!

Uni-Cycle Event – The Bike Doctor (10am-3pm): Pop down the Red Brick to get a free bike check and any questions you need answered. They are even selling some spares.

Postgrad Quiz (7pm-11pm): Fancy testing your brain? Visit the Bridge for some great food and, of course, an awesome quiz.

Archers Road’s Tea and Cake Session (8pm-10pm): After so many great events, why not take a night off and head to Gately JCR for some treats to help the aches and tiredness.

Kings and Queens (8pm-2am): Bencraft hit Café Parfait to reign the night in this royal night out. Crown yourself lord of the dancefloor or lady of the bar!

Chamberlain’s Film and Pizza Night (8pm-11pm): Fancy a quiet one? Pop into South Hill Common Room with a pizza and enjoy some films with friends. What better opportunity to whip out the onesie?

Chamberlain’s Spanish Safari (8pm-2am): Go wild, Ibiza style! Recapture the lad’s or lady’s summer holiday at Voodoo Lounge with this animal themed club night.

Connaught & Monte Old School Game Night (8pm-10pm): You bring the snacks, they’ll bring the games. After all, there’s no school like old school!

Connaught and Monte both have Rubix Cube Night (8pm-2am): Don as many of the Rubix Cube colours as you can and chat, flirt and beg your way to just one colour by swapping your clothes, what better way to break the ice?

Erasmus Film Night (8pm-Midnight): Starting to feel the effects of Freshers’ fortnight? Chill out with your new neighbours in your JCR’s and watch some films. There may be treats and popcorn too!

Glen Eyre Foam/Washing Machine Party (8pm-2:30am): If you have been too lazy to shower up until now, then head down the Glen Bar for some foamy fun. You WILL get wet!

Highfield Speed Mating (8pm-11pm): Fancy making friends and remembering them the next morning?  Head to your JCR for something like speed dating, but to find friends.

Orion’s Point Pub Quiz (8pm-11:30pm): Time to check how much damage Freshers’ Fortnight has done so far! Test your brain with a fun pub quiz with your new neighbours.

Karaoke (9pm-1am): Fancy yourself as the next Sinatra? Can you shake it like Beyonce? Or do you sound more like a bag of cats being scraped down chalkboard? Either, head down to the Stag’s for the infamous Karaoke, even if it’s just to watch!

Remember to check http://www.susu.org/fresh/2012/ and your JCR’s facebook pages to get more information on their events. Have a great Freshers’ guys!


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