What the heck is going on: Wednesday 3rd?


Yes lectures have started and things are starting to get a bit real, but your University still has events planned for you to help you make the most of your experience!

Monte’s RAG Day (Noon – 5pm): Head to Monte more to learn more about Southampton’s Raise and Give. Not only will you do your good deed for the day, but there are plenty of fun games and opportunities to enjoy.

Tea & Talk Event (Mental Wealth) (2pm-4pm): Pop down to the concourse to get some information or just chat with some tea because the more you know, the more you can improve your mental wealth.

Surge Get Involved Day (2pm-4pm): Fancy joining Surge? You could be the next Scott Mills or even run the show behind the scenes! The Surge team will be in the Cube to talk about how they do things and give you a chance to be part of SUSU’s very own radio station.

Bencraft Gets Quizzical (7pm-11pm): Question one, who fancies going to their JCR to put their brains to the test and maybe even win prizes? Might be nice to check they’re still working after a fortnight of Freshers craziness.

Highfield & Monte Old School Games Night (7pm-11pm): You bring the snacks, they’ll bring the games. After all, there’s no school like old school!

Glen Eyre RAG Quiz (7pm-11pm): Test your knowledge in this fun quiz at Glen Bar and make sure your brain is still working after a fortnight of Freshers craziness. Plus, it’s all in the name of SUSU’s chosen RAG charities, so you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Private Rented Speed Mating (7pm-11pm): Fancy making friends and remembering them the next morning?  Head down to your JCR for something like speed dating, but for friends.

Chambers Film and Pizza Night (8pm-11pm): Freshers’ Flu getting you down Pop into South Hill Common Room with a pizza and enjoy some films with friends. Another onsie opportunity!

Text-A-Toastie (8pm-Midnight): 07754355421. Text-A-Toastie is now running every Wednesday between 8pm-Midnight. Please text us with the question (about God, Christianity or even the meaning of life) you would like answered, exact location and the flavour of toastie you would like. You may choose any two fillings from cheese, tomato, ham or pinapple. Only one toastie per person, per Wednesday. We will arrive ASAP with all of these things, completely FREE!

Student Therapy @Oceana (9pm-3am): The biggest student night out and only place to be on a Wednesday! Oceana, one of Southampton’s biggest and best nightclubs holds another amazing event.






Remember to check http://www.susu.org/fresh/2012/ and your JCR’s facebook pages to get more information on their events. Have a great Freshers’ guys!



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