What the heck is going on: Friday 5th?


It’s the weekend! Lectures are done for the week and there are no more 9am’s for at least two days so what excuse could you have for not making the most of your Friday? 

Postgrad and Mature Students Welcome (7pm-11pm): Another chance to meet the sometimes forgotten, but by no means less important, new additions to the student population. Get down to the Stag’s Head for a friendly gathering.

Glen Eyre’s Old School Games Night (8pm-10pm): You bring the snacks, they’ll bring the games. After all, there’s no school like old school!

Glen Goes UV Wild (8pm-2:30am): Release your inner beast at this wild night out in Glen Hall. Dress as an animal that begins with the same letter as your name and prepare with UV paint as you party like the animals you are.

Erasmus Park Quiz Night (8pm-10pm): Get down to the common room for a good old fashioned brain-engaging battle of wits! Finally, a place where all that “useless” trivia has a meaning!

Highfield’s Pot Luck Supper (8pm-10pm): Can’t be bothered to cook? Take the risk at the Highfield common room for this mysteriously delicious dinner. I hope you like surprises!

SUSU Nightlife: Friday Nights (10pm-2am): Get down to the Cube for another great night. The only place to be on a Friday! Plus, it’s right on your doorstep.

Erasmus Park Friday Nights (10pm-2am): Head down to the Winchester Union for the regular student night, featuring resident video DJ. The only place to be on a Friday night!

Remember to check http://www.susu.org/fresh/2012/ and your JCR’s facebook pages to get more information on their events. Have a great Freshers’ guys!


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