Southampton: Where To Go For Fireworks And Fun


Depressed about the darkness creeping in by 5pm? Wishing you could afford to turn on your central heating? Looking for a way to enjoy yourself after dark without a Jesticle (or three)?

Well, we’re entering the time of year where any bare foliage has a multitude of lights draped around it and standing around watching logs burn is a perfectly acceptable way to spend your evenings. Southampton City Council and the University (amongst others) are endeavoring to make your next few weeks as well-lit and exciting as possible, to counteract those autumn blues.

Bonfire Night:

Perhaps the most well-known event is the Southampton Roundtable Annual Fireworks Display, taking place at Mayflower Park in Southampton on November 3rd (tomorrow). The evening promises to be as spectacular as ever, with a funfair from 3pm and the fireworks themselves commencing from 7:30pm onwards. At £5 a head, it’s a slightly more expensive alternative to watching them out of your bedroom window, but no doubt the atmosphere and promise of toffee apples will more than make up for it.

There are, of course, many other events on offer tomorrow evening:

1. Royal Victoria Country Park at Netley Abbey, Southampton. Fireworks begin at 7:30pm and there are refreshments and beautiful surroundings to enjoy.    

2. Slightly further afield across the river is Totton Sports Club’s fireworks extravaganza, complete with hog roast and outside licensed bar.

3. For a free night in illustrious surroundings, why not hurry over to Winchester for the evening? Hosted by the Winchester Round Table, there is also a bonfire on offer and all proceeds of the event will be donated to charity.

Watch the historic city of Winchester light up

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Christmas Cheer:

Not to be outdone, in a few weeks time the University is also promising something a little special to undoubtedly coax the first bit of Christmas spirit out you.  On Wednesday 28th November at Highfield Campus, the Christmas lights will be switched on to finalise the 60 anniversary of the University celebrations, which have been prevalent across campus during 2012.

The concourse will see the beginning of the evening’s entertainment which starts at 5:15pm, including a Christmas market and refreshments. It’s free and there’s need to book; a perfect way to truly begin the Christmas season!

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