Snowy Southampton: Your Photos


For the first time in a while, the university closed and Southampton was covered in snow. We asked you to聽 send in your snowy photos and to let us know what you got up to!

Image courtesy of Kate Williams
Image courtesy of Kate Williams

A huge snowball fight was organised at the common by members of the Soton Tab, and photos of giant snowmen on the common have appeared since!

The mysterious tweeter behind ‘Soton Uni Problems’ (@sotonproblems) – claimed to be going to the common for the snowball fight – did you see them there?

Our Editorial Team also spent the snow day in various ways: Pause Editor Sam Everard spent the day in London, and tweeted a photo of his view of the snow near Leicester Square, and Editor Ellie Sellwood said:

Snow Day means a house game of Lord of the Rings Risk with duvets 馃檪

Not everyone on the team enjoyed the snow though, as Sports Editor Jack Winter said he was:

Writing source commentaries with EVEN MORE distraction…

VP Welfare and Communities Chloe Green tweeted:

Hey WS, check out the view from the sabb office. Luuurvely

Finally, SUSUtv made a video of their day on the common, which you can watch HERE

Thanks to everyone who got in contact! Here are a few of your photos. Don’t forget to keep sending them in! Email them to or tweet us at @wessexscene




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