SUSUtv Results Night Live – What Can We Expect?


2013-02-27 15.28.02On Wednesday February 27, SUSUtv gathered in SUSU to start rehearsing for the live broadcast for Results Night on Friday, when votes will be counted from the Elections. So what can we expect from this year’s Results Night Live?

SUSUtv will be broadcasting the entire set of results from the elections live from 9pm on Friday. As usual, the whole show will be organised by the SUSUtv team, who are all student volunteers.

2013-02-27 15.31.32This year, though, there’s a bit of a difference. With more results, the process will take longer, and those watching the process may not wish to see each result being announced. SUSUtv will accommodate both those who want to see just the Sabbatical results, and those who wish to see Student Leader results too, without making their show too long.

Two streams will be run simultaneously: one constantly showing the results on stage for the Student Leaders and the Sabbaticals in the cube, and one with a detailed studio-based show to discuss exit polls and interviews – much like the shows that have been broadcast before. These streams will come together for the result of every Sabbatical position (results will be announced in their zones, with Student Leaders announced before their corresponding Sabbatical). This means that nobody, whatever their preference, will miss out on the big results.

This new change has been implemented by SUSUtv in response to past complaints from viewers who expressed that they would rather see the results and not interviews. The two streams should, they say, be easy to use, and it has been built especially for this broadcast, making it a first in SUSUtv’s history. Users will be able to simply press a button on screen to choose between channels – much like the system used for the London 2012 broadcasts last year.

We’re all really excited! Terrified, but excited, because it’s going to be brilliant!

Carly Brown
SUSUtv Station Manager

To ensure nothing will go wrong, SUSUtv have tested the system as much as possible, but because they have never done this before, they won’t know if it definitely works until the night. However, with all their preparation, including organising back-up plans and providing advice for online viewers,  the team are confident that they can pull this off, which makes for a very exciting broadcast!

2013-02-27 15.21.28There are expected to be around 45 team members working for SUSUtv on the night, with one director having only joined this year as a Fresher, and many other roles being carried out by those new to the team. There will be eight different cameras and eight presenters. This really is SUSUtv’s biggest night of the year, and, indeed, the biggest night in SUSUtv history due to the two streams.

Viewers and those attending Results Night Live can also expect something new, which is sure to make the evening even more professional and exciting.

SUSUtv Station Manager Carly Brown said:

I’d just like to thank everyone involved; we’ve been working really hard over the last few weeks, and there’s sometimes a lot of waiting around, many sleepless nights and a few epic tasks but everyone’s worked really hard. The people of SUSU have supported us so much too and have given us a chance to do this broadcast, so we’re all really excited! Terrified, but excited, because it’s going to be brilliant! I really hope everyone at home is going to enjoy watching it.

Elections Night Live is on Friday, March 1 from 9pm, and will be streamed live through SUSUtv’s website, found HERE. 

2013-02-27 15.31.35There will also be a live audio stream from Surge Radio on the night, and the Wessex Scene will be live blogging from SUSU too, providing students with all the opportunities to tune in and watch the results as they happen.

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    No mention of Union Councillors here. Have they been forgotten?


    We will announce the names of all the winning Councillors at the start of the show in the Cube.

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