Elections 2013: What Do You Think?


Unless you’ve been quarantined from Campus and social networking, you must know that the SUSU elections have been taking place this week. From collages of posters to dangerously hung banners to interrupted lectures, there is little escape from the campaign teams, but what do you guys think? Photographer Will Russell and myself were on the Concourse to ask you all what you think about this year’s elections:

With the votes being tallied, why not reminisce on how elections have gone. Thank you to the lovely people around on Monday 25th February, who were kind enough to answer the questions in the cold. First and probably most important question:

Do you care about the SUSU Elections?



Jono (2nd Year, English):

‘I feel I should…’




Matt (3rd Year, Bio-medic):

‘A little bit…’



In fact almost everyone that we asked said ‘No’, but there were a few who did, if only a little bit or for friends.

So, is this all a big waste of time?



Lawrence (3rd Year, Film):







Hannah (1st Year, Occupational Therapy):

‘Yes, and paper!’


Baiba (2nd Year, Management and Entrepreneurship):

‘No, just because I’m not into it doesn’t mean it isn’t important to us all.’

(Baiba preferred not to be photographed)

Is a good pun important and could it help sway your vote?



Sophie (2nd Year, Criminology):

‘I think it is. It makes it more memorable’



Michael (Right) and Albert (Left)


Michael and Albert:

‘Yeah, and a good photo too.’



Vitay and MattMatt (2nd year, Languages) and Vitay (2 Year History):

Vitay: ‘A good poster, definitely. There are too many so you need one that catches your eye.’

Matt: ‘Yeah, some puns are…questionable. Some are too obvious as well.’

What’s more important: Manifestos or Campaigns or is there something else?

Jen and Prudence


Prudence and Jen (2nd Year, Physics):

‘A mixture of both. I’ll look them up before I vote for them.’


Claire and Tom


Claire and Tom:

‘A mixture of everything, but definitely the manifestos.’


Finally, what are the best and worst parts of the election period?


Catherine (2nd Year, English):

‘The best thing is probably seeing people getting involved.

The worst part is all the Facebook Notifications!’



Nicole (Fine art graduate):

‘I’ve never seen the spirit of it in Winchester so it’s nice to see it all.

The worst part is there is quite heavy controversy sometimes.’


David and KyleDavid (4th Year, Engineering) and Kyle (3rd Year, International Relations):

‘You have to put into it and campaigning can be pushy.

The best bit is that it raises awareness of what’s going on and gets people to say what they want to happen.’

So there we go. A mixture of opinions about the election process. Whilst some people don’t seem to care, those who do are getting involved and enjoying it while it lasts. Although there was a lot of pushy campaigning and walls plastered in posters, make sure you check out who wins later this evening.

The Wessex Scene will be live-blogging from 8pm updating you with all the information as it happens. 


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    An Informed Voter

    Still laughing at all the utter cretins that think elections don’t affect them.
    You have SUSU to thank (and blame) for so many things in your university career, if you don’t want any control over that there’s no helping you.

    Chris Baker

    Maybe after you’ve been here for five of these and seen no substantial difference from each subsequent regime your smug, sanctimonious veneer will slip.

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    Just noticed that both Hannah and Lawrence are members of the Southampton University Life Saving Club, which enjoys support from the same Union whose elections they believe are a spectacular waste of time and paper.
    Not only that, a quick Google search reveals a gleaming article from 2008 about SULSC, featured on this very website, courtesy of the Wessex Scene whose editor position is up for grabs every year in the SUSU elections.
    Let’s not forget they also seem to be sitting comfortably in the newly refurbished Pod area within the Union building, a project that saw notable input from the people WE voted for.

    Sorry guys, it IS important. Luckily enough however, it doesn’t take too long to get informed and express your opinion – a bit late now, but worth bearing in mind for the future.

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