Your Election Results: What the Candidates Thought Pre Results


Last Friday was a night consisting of adrenaline, pressure and nerves for anyone running or supporting the big names in the SUSU Elections. Luckily, The Wessex Scene managed to grab a few words from this year’s SUSU Election candidates before the results were released…

Sophie Bradfield

Running for Union President


How are you feeling about the night?

I think there’s a lot of tension here. It’s really exciting though at the same time! It’s very surprising but it’s great that there has been a lot of votes passed. I really, really cannot call any of the elections at all at this stage.

Are you enjoying yourself?


What have been your favourite slogans during this election?

I quite liked ‘Stay Classy with Brant’, and ‘Only Maloney’, or ‘Time for Torrice’

What have you enjoyed most about this election week?

Getting to know friends a lot better. When you’re in situations like this you get to know people a lot better and it has been really, really inspiring to see people that are there for you. Oh, and also, just getting to know a lot of students and having the opportunity to chat to them!

Any memorable moments?

Doing my flash mob on campus…That was fantastic! Also,  going to see different societies  which I hadn’t had the opportunity to join before, and to just talk to students about what they care about! And also being able to  encourage students who weren’t originally going to vote within the union who are now voting.

Lawrence SmithLawrence

Running for Humanities Officer

How are you feeling about the night?

Not too bad, a bit nervous. I could get beaten by RON…

What has been the best part of the election process?

It was pretty fun today down on campus, with the countdown to the end of elections and the music from Surge Radio, which is always pretty good…

3 words to describe your feelings right now…

Excited. Nervous. Need a drink.

David Gilani


Running for Union President

How are you feeling about the night?

I feel like this week I’ve run a campaign that I’m really proud of, it’s been fun, I’ve really enjoyed the last week. So,whatever happens I know that I’ve come away with at least a fun week of campaigning!

Your favourite part of your campaign?

It has to be the final lecture shout out I did at 3pm with Peewee. We spoke in the Physics lecture theatre which every candidate now knows like the back of their hand! We alternated words and then afterwards we sang the Pokémon theme while running out… That was probably the best moment!


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