Swap ‘Til You Drop


My eternal weakness will always be clothes. I can be deep within the innermost depths of my overdraft, trying to figure out whether I can spare the cash to buy another block of Asda ‘Smart Price’ cheese, but show me a sparkly dress (or even just a reasonably pretty pair of shoes) and suddenly I won’t miss the £30.


And if there is a sale happening, let’s just say I’d rather go without food for a week than miss out on any sartorial bargains to be had.

For this reason, and for the good of my bank-balance and general well-being, I make it my mission to feed my need for clothes in ways that involve minimal spending. This includes a lot of scouring charity shops, (the only instance when I am genuinely happy to live in Portswood), making my own with my rusty sewing machine and avidly attending Clothes Swaps.

Clothes Swaps are by far the best way I have found to inject some new life into your wardrobe without spending a penny. The idea is simply that you bring along any clothes that you have grown bored of wearing, or just don’t want anymore, and swap them for any other items there. An added bonus is that Clothes Swaps are a chance to have a good clear out and make room for however many new additions you happen to come home with. I personally tend to end up with at least twice the clothes I donated, but I am an addict and quite frankly need help.

Luckily, and of course, completely coincidentally, myself and a group of other passionate advocates of ethical fashion are currently working to organise the first ever Southampton Swap Shop, which will take place on Thursday the 14th March in the Cube. The morning will be the designated ‘drop-off’ time, for all clothes to be donated and counted, with the swapping taking place from midday onwards. Towards the end of the day, we plan to sell off the remaining clothes to anyone who wants them, regardless of wether or not they have donated clothes, all for only £1 a garment! You wouldn’t find prices that low even in a Primark sale.

So, if you fancy a new look for free, come along on the 14th and get swapping!


I am studying English and Philosophy in my 2nd year, I live in a house with 4 weirdos, a trampoline and two fish called Jermaine and Vince. I love the write, I have two blogs, and also write for Summit magazine :)

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