StartUp Weekend Comes To Southampton For The Second Time


What are you doing on 3rd of May 2013? Perhaps you’d like to create a company in 54hours? The event organisers have now announced the opening of registration for the next event so get your applications in for one of the biggest business events this year. 


StartUp Weekend brands itself as ‘a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities’. These weekends are 54 hour events for business minded, technical and creative people to come together, share ideas, create products and start up their own companies.

Southampton’s last StartUp Weekend took place in November 2012, more than 50 people competed and it was a huge success. In less than three days 10 unique companies were created and all members of the winning team received Kindle Fires and various other prizes.

A clip from November’s StartUp Weekend.

What is a StartUp Weekend, how can I get involved?

Are you student or recent graduate from any of the Universities in the UK? Then you should have what it takes. As a participant you can choose to compete in one of three categories: Business, Design or Development and can now book your tickets online. You do not need to have your own business idea to participate, in fact most of the competitors do not!

Before they start all participants are given a chance to pitch their idea for one minute, if they already have one of course, and based on the quality of the ideas the other participants choose who they’d like to join.

Then the fun part starts, you have to build a company. To do this successfully you have to create a business plan, undertake market research, make a prototype product and perfect a pitch for the panel of judges and potential investors.

It is not as formal and serious as it might sound as it is primarily about having fun and learning. But it has been reported that 15% of the participants stay together and open real companies after the competition.

You can do literally anything from an app that helps you find your dog if it gets lost, to a website which tracks buses using GPS and tells you how full they are, or a simple game, a robot, anything… the list is endless.

Food will be provided for the weekend and the event will include mentorship, workshops and talks from motivational speakers.

The organisers of the competition are myself Izidor Flajsman, Alejadro Sauzedo and Ali Amozadeh, or in other words members of the Entrepreneurial Society Committee (Fish on Toast).

All students are welcome to come to any Entrepreneurial Society event and can speak to us if you have any further questions. Like the society’s Facebook page for more information.

Think you’ve got what it takes to win? More Information about the event can be found here and tickets for the StartUp Weekend can be bought here.


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