What is ‘The BIG Give’?


Unless you’ve been hiding away in a darkened room this week (which some dissertation students have), you have probably seen the bright T-shirts of staff and students collecting money for RAG’s The BIG Give. But what on earth is it all about?

The wonderful people at SUSU’s RAG society have worked out that if every member of the University, staff and student alike, gave just £1 then we could potentially raise a whopping £22,000 for RAG’s three elected charities. With student budgets small as it is, let alone the ominously looming nine grand, the collaborative effort is a great way to help those in need without making you broke.

The guys and girls, students and staff have been doing an amazing job and as of yesterday have raised over £5000, one of the highest totals in years. With one day to go and a bag pack on Saturday, they are sure to be able to make an impact for their charities chosen at the beginning of the year. These are:

The Samaritans: A charity dedicated to helping those facing depression and suicide and offering a person to talk to.


Anthony Nolan: A charity pioneering in matching donors for bone marrow transplants and those suffering blood cancer.

anthony nolanWater Aid: Aiming to provide the world’s poorest people with access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.water aid

With today being the final day of the campaign, The BIG Give champions have some great rewards available to those who donate, with their BIG Give-away. Not only are they selling flower seeds, sweets and treats, University Approved Calculators and T-Shirts for your £1 donation or a Varsity T-Shirt for £3, but today you will be entered into their BIG raffle. Prizes include: Hair Salon vouchers, Free meals for local restaurants, Champagne, paint-balling tickets, Beach Break Live tickets and much more.

Many have already given a pound and helped the cause so hopefully The BIG Give will continue to be a great success. With exams, essays and deadlines looming around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some good karma and maybe even win something.

Be sure to check back later this week to find out the final total.

More information on the event can be found on their Facebook page here.

Or you can donate on-line here

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