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My name is Laura Barnes and I am currently a first year studying Environmental Sciences.I started my own business when I was 19 during my gap year and I could not be happier with the decision I made.

When I tell people that I have my own business they look at me in amazement and they all say I could never do that – but the thing is, ANYONE can!

I was concerned about the student debt I would graduate with and with the recession and the current job climate the way it is it just added to my financial worries so I was looking for an alternative – a way to work flexibly but still have the time to do the things I love such as travelling.

I was introduced to Forever Living Products by my dad’s friend and well, as they say the rest is history…

I was impressed with the ethics of the company and the superior quality products they retail – products all based on the pure inner leaf gel of the naturally grown Aloe Vera and so I joined and become an independent distributor.

The company is the world’s number 1 grower and producer of Aloe Vera and beehive based products – and they do not test on animals which is extremely important to me.

Forever Living Products has Investors in People Gold and Champion Accreditation and has membership of the DSA.

I enjoy the flexibility the company offers as it so easy to fit into the nooks and crannies in between my lectures, societies and going out.

I held a product launch on 25th April 2013 in meeting room 1 of SUSU where people could come and try out some of the products for free as well as learn a little bit about the company. The evening was very successful and I am now looking to hold similar evenings where you can come and indulge yourself with our luxury products.

You have to be committed, work hard and be honest – if you have all that then you will thrive in this business. The support and training is second to none and the company offers amazing incentives such as 5*, all expensive paid holidays in recognition of growing your business.

I took up this opportunity to enable me to graduate debt free in order to travel to South America for a year and watch the 2016 Olympic Games!

I am currently looking for hard working, motivated, ambitious individuals to work alongside starting after exams – if you are looking for a flexible, rewarding summer job then look no further!

For more information about how you can start your own business quickly and economically don’t hesitate to contact me:

Laura Barnes


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    Not to be disparaging, however is this not so much ‘starting your own business’ (the sentence that made me want to read the article), and more like paying to join a large multi-layer marketing company as a rep? Moreover the article looks like a bit of a sales pitch. A shame really, as I was looking forward to reading about a new/interesting business idea a first year Environmental science student had come up with.

    Anyhow, best of luck!

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