The Jesters Cider Festival and My Attempt at the Gold Card Challenge


  With the exam season drawing to a close, and memories of the club scene slowly creeping back into view, the Jesters Cider Festival provided the perfect excuse to forget the last two weeks.

With my alcohol tolerance significantly lower than I would have liked, having not touched drink in about a month, and me being a massive lightweight at the best of times, it was with a  sense of trepidation that I entered the murky atmosphere of Jesters. Greeted like an old friend, it wasn’t long before myself and my rag-tag group of flatmates settled into our old ways.

Make no mistake, twelve hours in the worst club in Britain sounds terrible, no matter how booze-fueled it is. However; set to the backdrop of a number of live music acts, this marathon of a challenge was one of the main things I had been determined to complete ever since it captured my attention early in my first semester, and proved to be one of the best days of my first year at university.

jesters 2

The venue lived up to the occasion, with Jesters looking decidedly less grotty in the bright sunshine. Having got there early enough to nab a table, we were able to sit back and relax as droves of people piled in and the live music began to play. I’m certainly not a music critic, but the addition of live bands were what made the day, bringing a different atmosphere to the normal club music. Whether or not they were actually good though, I will leave to personal preference…

Of course, I have to mention the cider. As much as I get the feeling that more people were focused on earning their Gold Card, it did not stop us enjoying the plethora of ciders that were available, ranging from the delectable array of ‘Rekorderlig’ to the frankly awful ‘K’ cider. It’s safe to say that after finding out that twelve hours is a very long time to spend in one place, the crowds quickly turned drunk and rowdy.

It was not all fun and games though. There was no getting away from the fact that there are only so many games of cards you can play before you ultimately have to accept that you have nothing else to do. These moments  were pleasantly short lived though, with the next distraction never too far away, and good company to soften the blow.

At the end of the day, I’d fully recommend this event for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. Take a big group of friends, and plenty of things to do, and this can easily turn into a fantastic day out with the sweet reward of a Gold Card at the end. If you don’t do these things however,  you’ll quickly find yourself bored out of your mind, and thoughts of home may be more tempting than you might like.



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