SUSU Launches Letting Agency


Brand new for 2013/14, SUSU will be launching its very own letting agency for the students of the university.

After SUSU survey ‘Vent About Your Rent’, it appears students took full advantage to release any accommodation anguish. Chloe Green, former VP Welfare, speaks out about the responses:

There was absolutely loads of feedback from students; over 600 answered the survey and many wrote extensive comments as well as answering the questions. It’s taken us months to go through it all!

Housing hassles including high admin fees and pressure from agents proved to be the most common issue students vented about this year.

This latest addition to SUSU has proven to fill a gap in the letting market as students still seek to secure accommodation with confidence. Student Laura Hunt shows her support for the project:

‘’Sounds like a great idea to me! My friends and I were clueless when we looked for houses as the only information and advise we obtained was via word of mouth from either other freshers or second year students.’’

Chloe has been working hard this year to hit the ground running on this new project:

‘‘We’ve visited other students’ union’s agencies to do a ton of market research and we wrote a business case to present at the Trustee Board.’’

This Sabb project is sure to be a saviour for students next year. Beckie Thomas, VP Welfare who will be taking on the agency says:

‘’Thanks to Chloe’s hard work this year, the SUSU letting agency will ensure that students are getting a fairer deal. I’m so excited about this project, it’s time to listen to students and put their welfare above profits!’’.

Although the letting agency will be a business beginning at the bottom, a service that is expected to raise standards of accommodation and keep those ‘dodgy’ landlords away is sure to be popular, as student Alexander Brown explains:

‘’A list of good housing groups will be desirable, and force better standards and better rates amongst housing providers, so I think it’s an excellent move on the part of SUSU’’

So when the dreaded house hunt starts again, students can be sure to confide in SUSU in ensuring they get good accommodation and great service.



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    The SUSU letting agency will ensure that [a tiny handful of] students [that somehow find out how to pierce the mystical veil of SUSU communication in their first few months of university] are getting a fairer deal.

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    It’s worth noting that this has come about because of a long-standing mandate that our officers HAVE TO set up a Lettings Agency, it’s not just the darling Ms Green’s idea:

    That’s not to detract from the hard work of Chloe, Tony, et al.: they’ve finally managed what previous years’ Sabbs have conveniently forgotten about. It’s just not their idea.

    I look forward to seeing it in action.

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