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Burning through the doom and gloom of student debt and dwindling budgets, is a small candle of hope: freebies. Much to the dismay of the general public, students are eligible for many extra discounts, special offers, and freebies. We’re always told to never look a gift horse in the mouth, so here’s a small selection of some of the best student offers out there.

Student ID card–  The beauty of this is that you are sure to have one, and it is completely free! Working similarly to an NUS extra card, your UoS ID card will be accepted as student discount in most shops, normally qualifying for a discount ranging from 10-20%. As if you needed an excuse to shop.

nus extra

SUSU vs NUS- As SUSU is not affiliated with NUS, as a student of Southampton you are not eligible for an NUS extra card. However fear not! Whilst your student ID card is free, an NUS card will cost £12, despite offering largely the same discount. The only slight advantage of an NUS card is its code for online shopping.

West Quay Shop Ins- Whilst we’re on the subject of shopping, from time to time West Quay does a ‘Student Shop-In’, where they offer discounts as well as many other goodies (including DJs last year) exclusively for students.

west quay student shop in

Mcdonalds- By showing your student ID card at Mcdonalds, you can get your choice of a free cheesburger, hamburger of McFlurry- and who said England has an obesity problem?!


Railcard- This one is a bit of a no brainer, at only £30 a year you can get 1/3 off fares, so you can easily make back the initial cost in train ticket discounts.

Taxis- For more local transport, Aero Taxis Southampton offers 10% off for students. Also, SUSU runs a safety bus on certain nights. The service goes from the Union as well as certain clubs, and costs just £1.50 right to your door.

aero taxi aero taxi

Student Bars- Notorious to Southampton students is Jesters and Sobar, who really set the bar when it comes to a cheap night out- on Tuesdays Sobar even offers £1 doubles! It’s also worth considering which other clubs have student nights, and when- every Tuesday Orange Rooms raffle off the door money. Student nights are a cheap and fun way to *ahem* get to know your fellow student poplace.


Student Entry- A number of attractions throughout the UK offer reduced prices for students. Specifically in Southampton, Cineworld offers student tickets priced at just £6.30, compared to £9 for a normal adult ticket. It also pays to have strength in numbers, as many places offer groups discounts.

SUSU–  The on campus club, pub, shop, and cafe are all run by SUSU, and as such all centre themselves on competitive prices. With over 200 societies, you can also save money doing something you enjoy by joining one at a reasonable membership fee. The biggest freebie offered by the university though, has to be the £300 entitlement  card, which can be spent online and instore in the John Smith’s book shop on campus, as well as on a gym membership.

susu shop

Freebie sites-  There are a number of websites advertising student discounts and freebies, which are definitely worth a look at. Here are a few of the best:

ALWAYS ASK!- The main rule for discounts and freebies, is to try and haggle. Most companies and retailers have leeway for reduction, so why not try your luck; if you don’t ask, you don’t get!freebie1


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