Top 10 ‘Not So Normal’ Degrees…


Rewind back to a few years ago. We all sat at our computers flicking through numerous university sites; in search for the perfect degree course. The diabolical decisions such as philosophy or sociology? Biology, chemistry…or biochemistry?! The options run along an endless list and we could probably name most of them off the top of our heads! But would you have ever thought of these 10 not so normal courses?

1. Golf/Rugby Studies: Sports management doesn’t seem so uncommon. But how about specialising in golf or rugby? You can spend a whole 3 years studying your one favourite sport at Buckinghamshire New University.


2. Surf Science and Technology: If you’re more ‘one with the waves’ when it comes to sports, you can study a foundation science degree in surf science and technology at Cornwall College, Plymouth University.


3. Cruise Management: Rather than learning to surf the seas, why not cruise them?! Plymouth also offer a Bsc in cruise management.


4. Equestrian Psychology: Have you ever felt the pressuring social barrier when making small talk with a horse? (I think we’ve all been there!) Well panic over! Glyndwr University offer a Bsc in equestrian psychology that ‘investigates the unique partnership between horse and rider.’


5. Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance: Clowning around is praised rather than criticised at Bath Spa University, if you were to take on the contemporary circus and physical performance foundation course.


6. Viking Studies: Not a fan of clowns? How about Vikings?! Students can take a BA in viking studies at the University of Nottingham.


7. Harry Potter: Or perhaps a spell of magic could be your calling? Would you believe that one of Britain’s best, Durham University, include a module named: ‘Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion’ in one of their BA Education studies courses?


8. The Beatles: The fun doesn’t stop at Hogwarts. Liverpool Hope University offer an MA degree all about the Beatles!


9. Brewing and Distilling: Travel a little further north to Edinburgh, where you can master the art of brewing and distilling as a BA hons at Herriot Watt University.


10. Baking Technology Management: We’ve saved the best til last. It needs no introduction. Study for a Bsc in Baking technology at London Southbank University. Bake all day and party all night…the recipe for living the ultimate student experience.

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    Alison Wonderland

    Looool, I think there is even a ‘Beyonce and Jay Z’ degree in one of the universities in America. Its amazing what people with too much money will spend years studying. Cool article

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