Money Saving Tips: Shop Smart!


Southampton; city of temptations,  home to a true test of the shopaholic- West Quay! You may think you possess an unpenetratable shield of thriftiness, but picture the scenario: You’ve made it through most of West Quay, you’re almost out the other end when BHAM- something shiny. £50 later and you finally emerge from the shop, head held low with shame.

Yes, shopping is hard- especially with enough shops to bankrupt Paul McCartney on your doorstep. However, with so much to do there, it is likely that you will find yourself at the city centre rather a lot, so here are a few tips of how to avoid splashing the cash….

1) Get cash out once a week and stick to it!

This is tricky, especially in the first few weeks, but it is does work- it is particularly handy to do before a night out,  due to that notorious positive correlation between alcohol and willingness to spend money.

2) Avoid walking past popular haunts

If you know you are a Topshop-aholic, then avoid it at all costs! Simples. In fact, if you are known to blow a lot of cash shopping, try to avoid the shopping areas unless you have a specific purpose for going.


3) Head straight for the sales

Have you ever seen a carthorse going along with those eye-patch-looking things on the side of their eyes? Well, with experience, a true savvy shopper will build up their own blinkers; allowing them to ignore the majority of the display (which is put together so cunningly to exploit our shopping sensibilities) and make a beeline for some savings.

Inspired by Lady Gaga
The latest couture by the house of Gaga

4) Justify your spending with this checklist: 

Can you afford it? Do you need it? Is it worth the money? Will you use it? Could you put the money towards something else more worthwhile?

5) Make swaps

Make cheats around your budget by making simple swaps. For example, if you don’t go out one week, you can use the cash you would have spent on something else.


6) Student discount

I know we have covered this before, but remembering to take advantage of your student ID card will help to cut a serious chunk out of your  spending!

In short, your shopping strategy can be covered by this… rather thoughtfully chosen acronym:

A- avoid shopping areas and temptation as much as possible!

S- savings. Head straight to the sale and discounted items.

S- swap. Think through justifications and swaps before you buy.

Happy Shopping!

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