Money Saving Tips: Beauty


The Daily Mail recently revealed that  on average, women spend £279.41 on beauty products a year- money reluctantly shed by already struggling students. Yet with societal pressures to keep up appearances, it is understandable that beauty products become a necessity of a large proportion of shopping lists. Here are a few tips to help you highlight and contour away the premium of being pretty:

1. Invest in a multi-tasking product. The iconic one of course is Vaseline, here are just a few of its uses:

-moisturise rough skin

-hydrates underneath eyes before bed to reduce puffiness

-to hold eyebrows in place

-as a subtle highlighter for beneath the brow

-lip gloss


2. Waste not Want not: Make sure you use the last drop of all your products- even if it means dragging it out kicking and screaming! Mixing similar products together is a great way to cut the waste, as well as creating a hybrid super-product!

3. Make your Make-up work: If you make one investment, let it be for an eye shadow palette which includes a range of diverse and blendable shades- for day and night. Choosing a palette with a deep black can also be an alternative for eye shadow, if applied with an angled brush.


4. Less is More: Downsize the amount of products you use- less than a palm full of shampoo is more than enough.

5. Beware of Brands: Buying well known brands means you are paying a premium for marketing a and prestige , so make sure you focus on ingredients and properties rather than labels. Many organic brands such as Simple use the same key ingredients as more expensive brands, and they lack the chemicals that can irritate skin.

6. Have a cuppa: Use teabags on your eyes to reduce puffiness and swelling- make sure they cool down first though!


7. Nature knows best: Incorporate your diet as part of your beauty regime- have more milk and yoghurt, which contain plenty of B vitamins, calcium and zinc, and of course drink plenty of water for that radiant  glow.

Well with all the dairy on show, it just had to be a -cheesy picture!
Well with all the dairy on show, it just had to be a -cheesy picture!

8. Heat it up: Instead of investing in a new eyelash curler- heat them with a hair dryer for 30 seconds to achieve a longer lasting and more prominent curl.

9. Be a Saver: Save on foundation by mixing a small amount with your moisturiser for a more natural, less ‘caked’ look.

10. Be buff: Exfoliate your skin with a body mitt and your regular shower gel-which can also help increase circulation- instead of dishing out on expensive  exfoliating creams.

body mitt

11. Be a baby: Baby cream is a gentle and effective way of softening and moisturising skin without too many nasty chemicals. Johnsons baby shampoo is also apparently effective at removing eye make-up. Talc is another one of those multi-taskers: you can use it as dry shampoo, and apply it to eyelashes in between coats of mascara for a more voluminous look.

"Beauty is pain, beauty is pain!"
“Beauty is pain, beauty is pain!”

15. DIY: Avoid salon premiums by doing hair touch-ups at home, using home manicure kits, and regularly give yourself deep face  massage to stimulate the skin instead of a facial.

16. One Condition: Use hair conditioner as an alternative to shaving foam, which also leaves a silky soft effect.

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