Bunfight – Big Success!


We may all have misconstrued the bunfight as being a patisserie duel at some point during freshers. But it turns out to be a nice surprise to have every society at Southampton as putty in our hands. There may be endless queuing and endless sign up sheets around campus, but the bunfight brings something for everyone. 
We took a look at some of the societies on offer, from cake decorating to rifle shooting, to see what everyone was up to on the busiest day of freshers week!
Everyone had methods to their madness when it came to enticing people towards their stalls of stacked-up leaflets and novelty sweets. The rifle shooting members even calmed our nerves as we frightfully gazed at the guns on the table: “It’s no more violent than hole punching!”
From archery to magic, they let the talent do the talking. Archery had their equipment on display to let freshers get a feel for the sport, whereas Southampton’s top magicians put on a great show for all passers by: “We’re reeling people in with our magic!”
Demonstrations aside, students love a freebie or an enticing incentive. LopSoc proved to students that you don’t have to be a pro Pavarotti to join the operatic society, as member Bethany Crane mentions: 

One of our best incentives is that we have a non-audition chorus…and there have been a lot of enthusiastic people!

Art society, in particular, offer a very tempting incentive…perhaps a trip to Paris could convince you to pick up a paint brush? Member Florence Grebe broke the exciting news to us: “We’ve been enticing people to join Art Society with a Paris trip, which we will be holding very soon.”
Whether it be demonstrations, performances, incessant leaflet distributions or a simple drumstick lollipop. All societies entered the bunfight with a fighting attitude. Vixen cheerleader, Em-J Ruddick, tells us all about today’s success: 

The Bunfight has been good, really tight! We’ve recruited quite a few from second and third years as well as freshers today, and we’ve been using this as an opportunity to promote our Hip Hop Squad, which not many people seem to know about!

No doubt the vixen weren’t the only group to have something to cheer about: the cake decorating society had a fantastic day: “It’s been good…we’ve even run out of flyers!”
It’s been a long day, but certainly a productive one for both societies and students! And even for those of you who haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, we hope you took advantage of all the fantastic freebies!
All societies can be found listed on the SUSU website with contact details, just in case you’ve changed your mind about signing up!

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