Grab a Bargain with Soton Swap!


Need to shift last years books? You’re in luck! Brand new scheme Soton Swap is a second hand online bookstore exclusive for students at the university. Unlike society book sales, this scheme is a 24/7 website that works all year round. Students deliver their books to Soton Swap at a weekly collection point, which will then get put up for sale online…saving us the hassle of selling! You can catch them tomorrow, between 11-1pm, along bar 3 in the SUSU building, where you can take your books to sell! We interviewed James, one of the co-ordinators for Soton Swap, to find out more…

WS: So what exactly is Soton Swap?

J: Soton Swap is an upcoming second hand online bookstore which is exclusively only available for students of Southampton University.

WS: How long have you been running this?

J:We have not yet launched the site (it will be officially launched on the 9th October), but we have been working hard as a group to create the project over the last year – for example, we have had to find a place to store the books, we have established links with other societies to help promote the bookstore. We’ve even worked hard to make the website ourselves – something we’re very proud of!

WS:Why should students come to Soton Swap, rather than other book sales?

J: Students should use Soton Swap for a variety of reasons. Firstly if students are looking to sell their books, by using us, they won’t need to compete with well established second hand booksellers on eBay or Amazon. Moreover, we don’t charge a penny for selling with us – while Amazon and eBay will take a slice of the sellers profits.Secondly, if students are looking to buy books, by using us, they will be able to buy cheaper books as we are a second hand bookseller. Moreover, we sort our books by module on our site, so it will be very easy to choose which books you need for your course.

WS: Can students use this scheme anytime?

J: Students can indeed use our scheme all year round. The website will obviously be available 24/7, and students will be able to collect their books which they’ve bought at a weekly collection point, in pod 3 in the SUSU building. For students looking to sell their books, they can also come to the collection point, and as soon as we’ve got their books we’ll post it online for them – simple!

You can contact Soton Swap for more info via email or their facebook page. Their brand new website launches on Wednesday 9th October and don’t forget to head down to SUSU tomorrow to see what it’s all about…and maybe earn some cash!


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