Why Presentations are Worth the Hassle


It’s that dreaded time again. The second hand creeps slowly towards the minute hand. Just when you think it’s all over the tutor cries: ‘Everyone get into groups…your presentation is due next week!’ Ergh. We may slump in our chairs and pull the biggest frown since out last hangover. But at least we can take comfort in the fact that presentation skills are surprisingly useful….

Here are 3 reasons why having that communicative character and persuasive persona push you up the promotion ladder:

  • Foot in the door – Well the first time your skills come to hand will be the interview! You haven’t even got the job yet and you already need to give it everything you’ve got! Effort right? Well if you can hold eye contact, pace your speech and smile all at the same time…you’re sure to impress the employer’s panel!
  • Make your mark – You’ve got the job? FAB! Now it’s time to progress to the next step. Some presentations that you make in your time at uni may involve mastering the art of persuasion. Ideal in the job market for when you’re making pitches or more presentations.
  • Get what YOU want – if you don’t get confident you wont get what you want out of your job! If you have an issue to raise with an employer you need to plan and structure your case. If you’ve got a completely new idea that you think could work – its time to pull PowerPoint out and push the buttons that makes the titles spin and fade and slide! Impressive presentation = impressed boss.

So we may all procrastinate to the maximum when we’re composing a presentation. We think it just isn’t worth our time for such a small percentage of our marks. But why not maximise the time for yourself? Not only could it pull grades up but it could be vital in an interview and your future job.

Here’s something to help with planning to get you started!


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