Student Hubs – Delivering Valuable Work Experience to Students!


  Student Hubs is made up of a network of students, committed to better themselves all whilst doing something for our society. If you want to gain some valuable work experience over Summer, why not try Student Hubs?

At Southampton, Student Hubs run the Social Impact Scheme, a summer scheme lasting between 6-8 weeks, working in the not-for-profit sector. This could be working for a Non Government Organisation or new enterprises. Hubs works with the most innovative organisations, with more and more joining every year. With various opportunities to get involved with charities, event planning, press, PR and much more, you’re not only doing something worthwhile over Summer but you may find the career you’ve been looking for!

100 students are picked every year to get involved with the scheme, all of whom are then allocated to a charity or NGO to work with. You can learn more about the third sector, get that all important work experience and make a difference…all in the space of 6-8 weeks.

Katie, Hubs coordinator, tell us more:

Students can get involved in a wide variety of social impact internships, with organisations including Alzheimer’s Research UK, Cultivate, East African Playgrounds, Aegis and Hackney Pirates to name just a few. A full list of hosts of our social action internships can be found at


A little closer to home, Southampton Hubs also runs a scheme called Schools Plus, which gives students the opportunity to mentor at local schools in and around Southampton. Katie from Student Hubs explains more about the scheme:

Schools plus expects a minimum commitment of one hour per week in the allocated school (actual tutoring time), however often volunteers do more than this by arranging activities for lessons in their own time. The more they put in, the more they’ll get back!

As well as teaching subjects like maths, English and science etc, students can get involved in creative arts and Rock challenge, or ‘Sports and Life skills’, a programme that uses sports to help teach children life skills. Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or just want to support children in the local community, Schools Plus is something seriously worth getting involved with!

The deadline for getting involved with Schools Plus is Sunday 13th October, so head to the website and fill out an application before it’s too late.

More information can be found on the Student Hubs website, where other CV boosting opportunities are waiting to get snapped up by students!

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