Freshers’ Fortnight Part 3: The Good, The Bad and The Bunfight.


As Freshers’ Week dies down and term actually starts, Freshers’ Fortnight isn’t all over. Amidst the madness of finding the right buildings and again meeting loads of new people, as well as listening to the cacophony of coughs and sneezes which echo around the lecture theatres as Freshers’ Flu takes a real hold, there are still loads of events to get excited about.

The Pulse Pre-Party

The key events of the second week were the Freshers’ Ball and the Pre-Party. The Pre-Party took place in the Cube at SUSU, and although it took longer than it might usually do to get going – I have no shame in admitting that we were the first group to be dancing in the club for a good half an hour before other people started to join us – the music was great as always, and Kissy Sell Out went down a storm. But, of course, it had all been leading up to the Freshers’ Ball.

After last year’s eventful Ball, where one fresher actually proposed to his girlfriend, on stage, in front of Radio 1 DJ Greg James and the assembled crowd, this year’s Ball had a lot to live up to, and it certainly did so. Despite the rather long queue to get in, the Stags was full of people who had gone all out to impress on the night.

The fun fair in full swing

Going through the pub, you came to the fun fair, complete with giant fairground ride and donut stall. Inside, there was a SUSU TV video booth, where you could make a short feature for a video, and a photo booth which offered printed versions of group photos. The party was in full swing when we arrived in the Cube, with featured acts including Modestep, Miss Dynamite and Sub Focus, but there was also a Cheesy Pop Party going on in SUSU, along with a Silent Disco, which sadly I didn’t realise were there until we left, but which was a huge hit and will certainly be returning to SUSU in the future. Overall though, even though the heels many of us decided to wear did some painful things to our feet that night, the whole event was brilliant, and was an amazing way to round off our Freshers’ Fortnight.

Tip: girls, if you’re going to wear heels to the Ball, and you’re a weakling like me, take flats in your bag. Being in a mosh pit in heels isn’t fun. Walking home in them is worse.

Thank you on behalf of all the 2013 freshers to all the Reps, SUSU Staff and Events Organisers, and to anyone else who made it happen; I’m sure I speak for everyone else in saying that you definitely made it memorable. Bring on the rest of the year!FINAL1


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