Freshers’ Tales: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


So you’ve begun your tentative first steps as a fresher, and no doubt your expectations so far will have been composed by a medley of horror stories from family and friends. Well, we’re here to tell you this: they are all true. The highs, the lows, the humiliation: they all form a crucial part of what it is to be a Fresher. You may be in for one hell of a ride this year, but the memories you’ll make will remain cherished and formative experiences in your life. Here are a few of the best we collected. Enjoy!

The Good

For many students, coming to university is the fresh start they need in life, with opportunities of freedom, independence, as well as meeting tonnes of new friends. Although, be warned: in first year ‘good’ is not always as innocent as you would expect!

“I was drunk and stranded in Portswood after being kicked out my cab after being sick. A postgrad guy from our uni found me and walked me all the way back to Glen while I was being sick.”

“I met my lovely boyfriend in Jesters”

“I met so many new friends and like minded people- first year was really the fresh start I needed, best decision ever!”

“I thought freshers was pretty good, even though we all lived at home! People always assume that you don’t get any of the fun experiences if you don’t move into halls, but I still enjoyed it and managed to make friends easily, and I think overall SUSU did a really good job of making sure there was still lots on for those in private rented accommodation”

The Bad                             

Perhaps reassuringly, it proved really difficult to find bad freshers’ memories, but homesickness, lack of funds and actual sickness (freshers’ flu) are likely to form a few of your not-so-positive memories from your first year at University. Judging from our poll though, it seems that these overshadowed by the good and (more worryingly) the ugly times!

“Perhaps one of the first nights I had out, I went to Provenance…bad mistake. I stepped on a shard of glass which cut right through my shoe and into my foot. The girls in the toilets helped me along with my friends and the security patched me up and sent me home. Never been there since”

“I was ill pretty much continuously throughout the first semester, ending up in a horrible bout of tonsillitis- my grandparents had to come and rescue me!”

The Ugly

Along with the no-holds-barred thrills of first year, there are sure to be a few colourful memories. And by that I mean a type of sickly greeny-browny colour. These just speak to themselves…

“My first memory on waking up is someone defecating into what was probably a stolen blender. This rather hazardous cocktail was spilt on the stairs on C block (I didn’t go near it but still felt my shoes needed to be disinfected) and suitably chucked into the outskirts of Bencraft where it remains today…”

“I got with a guy the night before who decided that it would be a good idea to put the used condom in one of the Tesco bags I had packed my stuff in. A few days later, my mum used the bag to go food shopping and found the condom whilst packing in front of the check out lady and the rest of my family.”

“I took a guy back from jesters, I went to my bathroom for about 10 seconds and I walk out and he’s being sick all over my carpet. He then proceeded to throw up all over my en suite for half an hour, naked.”

“I puked into my bedroom sink which then blocked it for like a week.”                                   


In a year’s time, you will all have your own stories to pass on to the next batch of wide-eyed freshers, but hopefully the lasting experience you will have gained will be a positive one: one in which you take your first steps on the way to the future. Don’t ever look back- unless it gives you a laugh of course!


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