Should Students Play the Dating Game?


The online dating industry is worth in the region of approximately £2 billion, with the average cost of a membership being £20 per month. So why should students sign up at such a cost?

New dating sites are now being created for students. ‘Freshmeet’ (excuse the pun) is said to be the most popular amongst us students! Director of the site, Anthony Purkiss believes this to be the next step in finding love for students:

Students don’t have to date someone within their clique anymore; they can meet someone new and exciting that they never knew existed…you never know, they might even live on the same street!

Online dating is taking the world by storm with 2/3 Britons signing up. With student sites such as and, is a digital relationship the best beginning for the end of singledom? Or could it drive a social wedge between us? New VP welfare Beckie Thomas shares her opinions:

“I think the best way to meet people, whether that be as friends or something more, is to get involved in something you love! There are hundreds of societies to choose from, so it makes sense to get stuck in and meet people with similar interests! I can’t speak for everyone, but too much socialising happens online now, so I wouldn’t be a huge fan of anything that adds to this!”

Not only could online dating act as a social barrier, but could it be promoting the wrong mentality? Sat at the computer scanning through numerous profiles; is it no different to online shopping? Only in this case we may not be getting the exact product we are presented with. University of Rochester US, Professor Harry Reis, explains the shopping mentality:

Skimming over hundreds of potential mates can promote a ‘shopping’ mentality, resulting in single people becoming excessively picky. Singletons who spent weeks or months emailing a potential mate before meeting them often had unrealistic expectations when they finally went on a date.

Some of us may be too busy falling out of the Jesters door or training every day for the rowing team. But for those who want to find someone, friend or maybe more, it seems that the success of student dating sites could be a simple solution.


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    Is it just me or does the conclusion not follow from the rest of the article?

    Most of the article is about how online dating is bad, but then the final paragraph endorses it?

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