Landing a Part-time Job Couldn’t Be Easier!


   Whether you’re new to Southampton or not, we’re always trying to find the perfect part time job to work around our studies, pay the bills and fund our fees! But with Google search bombarding us with millions of results…where should we go to job hunt? 

Typing ‘job search’ into the search engine just isn’t good enough anymore, with a ridiculous amount of websites promising part time jobs all over the country. So with Christmas coming up, we need money to buy family presents…and employers need us over the busiest season! Applying online is certainly the best thing to do, with most shops throwing CV’s back at us and groaning: ‘Just apply online!’ – but it is how we utilise the internet that is key.

  • Go local! Search websites of local businesses for direct contact numbers and emails. Not many people think to do this…which can certainly increase your chances!
  • Get a job on campus! When we are served our coffees in the Bridge and beers at the Stags…we’re being served by our very own friends and classmates! Regularly check the SUSU website for potential job openings.
  • Find it at Careers Destinations! Our very own career hub regularly lists local jobs on their website…what are you waiting for?

So with a few scrolls and clicks, you could land a job that is practically outside your doorstep! But if you fancy working beyond the campus radius, here are some useful websites that advertise local positions, so you can search for jobs whilst at uni… and line up the next job for when you get home!



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