Glen of the Dead


Ever fancied reliving the Pegg/Frost classic Shaun of the Dead?

Ever wondered what it’s like to be chased by a pack of zombies, like in some of our favourite movies? (Hopefully the more light-hearted, less apocalyptic ones…)

Well last week, SUSU RAG organised an event which gave students the chance to live out this slightly terrifying dream.

“Survival: The Zombie Chase” was SUSU RAG’s latest fundraising event, in aid of Wessex Heartbeat, MNDA and Médicins Sans Frontiers. The chase involved 100 “survivors”, zombie-36who paid £5 towards these charities and, donning their event t-shirts, had to reach 3 check-points around the grounds of Glen Eyre Complex, without being caught by the fantastically outfitted “zombies”. The survivors had 3 lives, and had to get back to the base outside Glen Bar with at least one of them – according to event organisers, there was around an 80% survival rate.

According to RAG Events Officer Katie Uniacke, the event’s main organiser, the event’s inspiration came from Hertfordshire RAG, whose original Zombie Chase won the prize for the “Most Innovative Event” at this year’s RAG Conference. This inspired our own RAG team to give the event a go themselves. Katie explained that they plan to do another Zombie Chase again soon, and hope that they might be able to rustle up even more interest and support next time around, saying they might even hold it on the main campus next time! So if you’re ready to terrify lecturers and students alike next time around, get involved as a survivor, zombie or marshal for the event!


SUSU RAG’s current endeavours don’t stop at flesh-eating zombies. If you’re around on Friday 8th November, head over to the SUSU area on Highfield Campus for RAG’s fundraising events in aid of Children In Need, with a cake sale and games. However, if that’s not enough to entice you, you might also get to catch a glimpse of Pudsey – that’s right Pudsey! – and an extra-special feature will be some rather brave $T2eC16dHJFwFFZtLYJHwBSVr+Y)uF!~~60_35familiar faces taking on the challenge of having their legs waxed, all in aid of Children In Need! SUSU President David Gilani, along with other SUSU Sabbatical Officers and JCR Presidents, will all be taking the rather painful plunge on Friday. So make sure you go out and support them!

As well as this, SUSU RAG will also be holding a Christmas Society Fair, where loads of different societies will have stalls selling their own creations, in order to raise lots of money for charity.

Katie expressed RAG’s eagerness for more students to get involved –

We need volunteers, and literally anyone can get involved. It’s an opt-in/opt-out system, and so everyone can do as much as they want!

The team are always looking for new ideas on how to raise more money, for any new specific charities you’re interested in, as well as for the charities RAG already supports. On top of all of these exciting events, RAG is also running the incredible Mountain Gorilla and Inca Treks. It’s clear there really are so many different ways to get involved in this great organisation.

For your chance to survive the next zombie outbreak, keep a look out for more information, because remember, the contamination is spreading…

Zombie Chase photos by Dan Bowes

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