Silicon Valley Comes To Hackasoton: Day 2


The excitement continued through Friday night to the second day of SVC2Hackasoton. Despite the severe lack of sleep, teams were still glued to the laptops as the innovation carried on! 

The teams continued with their creative new projects throughout the morning as the pitches from Friday are slowly becoming products. The raffle also continued through the night and into Saturday morning, Facebook goodies are among some of the winning prizes.

At 1pm, all participants attended a presentation by developer, Radek Simko, on what could potentially be the next step in mobile communications. Google Glass is a wearable android computer that has been built into a spectacle frame, all so you can position displays in your field of vision. This allows you to film, take pictures, search and translate on the go…as well as using other specially designed apps!

The presentation was followed by a 3D printing session, an incredible opportunity for individual teams to create prototypes for their final presentations and products.

Some teams stayed overnight in the Mountbatten Building to perfect their projects! And today, the preparation continues until the early evening. The teams will have four minutes to pitch their presentations to the judges. Once the panel have reached a verdict the award ceremony will take place, where the winning teams are promised high quality prizes to accompany the celebrations.

Tomorrow the Wessex Scene will announce the winners along with the final review of the event.

The Wessex Scene will keep you updated on Hackasoton throughout the course of the weekend. For more information please visit




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