Are You Addicted?


   ‘I’m literally addicted to twitter’, ‘I’m obsessed with Jesters’, ‘Can’t get enough of sprinkles!’. We all take the concept of addiction lightly in one way or another. But the things we say we are ‘addicted’ to…we may ACTUALLY be addicted to! Here are 5 of some of the biggest addictions us students deal with everyday…

Coffee: Iced in summer, spiced pumpkin in the winter. We all love the idea of meeting our friends for a caffeine kick and a catch up, without realising we begin to rely on the boost on a regular basis. What we may think of as a social drink becomes something we can’t get enough of, with approximately 80% of us consuming it regularly.

Alcohol – The regular trips to Sobar and Jesters eventually become routine for some of us. Young adults are least likely to create a regular addiction, however 22% of young males and 18% of young females binge drink at least once a week.

Drugs – 19.6% of 16-19 year olds abused various drugs last year, cannabis being the most common. And 7.2% of 20-24 years olds have abused Class A drugs in the past year.

Closer to home! In recent months the ‘smart drug’ has emerged across various university ‘black markets’ – modafinil, a narcolepsy drug,  is being sold to students at roughly £2 a tablet to help keep them more alert for exams and deadlines.   

Technology – We’re all guilty of this in one way or another! Whether it’s the girls moaning about the next ‘biggest hangover in the world’ or guys getting overly excited about GTA V. But above all, social networking is something we just can’t get away from. It’s become far too integrated into everyday life, according to researchers at the University of Winchester. A study taken on ‘self confessed’ facebook addicts showed that withdrawal of social networking leads to a breakdown in communication, with students commenting: ‘I haven’t spoken to my family in a week!’.

Shopping – Now some of us think we have a real addiction to shopping…but do you have oniomania? Oniomania is the official for a compulsive shopper and roughly 6% of the population suffer from this.


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