Procrastination: Problems and Pressures


Procrastination: the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing something more pleasurable things in place of the less pleasurable. Nobody’s perfect and we’ve all fallen victim to procrastination at some point during our time at university. Sometimes we know we’re doing it (and just don’t care) but sometimes we have no idea, for some reason our brain tells us that Breaking Bad is far more educational than entertaining.

Are we in denial over procrastination? We convince ourselves that we hardly procrastinate as much as our housemates and friends. But reading for half an hour, followed by browsing through last nights embarrassing snaps for an hour just doesn’t seem too productive! We always write a to do list for the day, which then becomes the to do list for the entire week and we just don’t know how to get out of this procrastination funk.

Here are some common problems and ideas on how to overcome the wretched pressures of procrastination…


Problem: A concept we just can’t keep away from. We need it to research, but trips us up with vine vids and twitter trash talk.

Solved: Why not print the pages you need for research? Turn the laptop off and get back to work! Funny cat videos can wait until after the deadline!


Problem: Whatever is on really right? A Big Bang Theory episode you’ve seen on numerous occasions, or yet again another heart wrenching corrie classic.

Solved: Instead of going home straight after lectures, head to the library and get on with some work, so when you get home you don’t feel so guilty when the latest episodes hit the screens!


Problem: They can be our worst enemies at times, especially when it comes to deadlines! ‘Come on one night at jesters won’t hurt?’ Dragging you out for drinks or just being a pest? We love them but hate the biggest cause of procrastination!

Solved: Turn your mobile off when working, don’t let the facebook notification get the better of you. Or head to Hartley when your friends incessant poking or whispers will be on the receiving end of the ‘evil stare’.



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