Ratemash: Rating ‘Student Hotness’ at Your University


With 138 universities now on the site, www.ratemash.com has uploaded and catalogued 150,000 student Facebook profiles without their consent, all so other students can rate how ‘hot’ they are online.

Claiming to be a better version of Tinder, an app that helps match people within your area, Ratemash will apparently, ‘sort out your nightlife’, and claims to give you ‘access to the coolest clubs and parties in town and lets you rate people on campus.’ This is followed by their tagline:

You’ll love it. Trust me.




The site founders say that profiles are added by friends, for Ratemash to then rank the hottest students and place them on their individual university leader boards – the 50 ‘hottest’ from that university are then displayed on the site, along with links to their Facebook profiles. However Ratemash does not inform users that they are on the site, leaving them oblivious to how many unknown people are trying to look at their profiles.

Not only this, but visitors to the site are invited to rate cats and babies, which are often made profile pictures by some Facebook users.

Founder of ratemash: Michael Healey

The founder, Michael Healey, 19, invested £30,000 and hired 6 employees through his company Resuno in order to start the website. The company Resuno creates websites for businesses, including Tavistock Tutors.

Ratemash describes it’s community on their website:

Ratemash is buzzing community with members within universities mostly in the UK and around the world who like to go out, party and enjoy themselves. The idea of Ratemash is to make it easier to meet new people in universities and to make going out cheaper, more fun and seamless.

However, after being named and shamed as ‘creepy’ amongst the student population, Healey refused to comment as to whether or not he agrees with how university students have branded the site.





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