Top 10 Jobs You Never Knew Existed


Bored of working behind a bar, behind a till or behind a desk? We all feel like that sometimes. We wish we had a job title that would induce envious responses from our friends, or maybe we just want to try something a little bit different! So why not one of these? Take a look at our select few ‘odd jobs’ that are weirdly wonderful and wonderfully weird!

Face feeler: It’s far less disturbing than it may sound, but a face feeler is relied on by shaving companies and beauty brands across the world. How else are we suppose to know who gives us that luxury silk texture to our skin? Well someone needs to have a feel don’t they?!

Waterslide tester: Need we say more? Surely the title speaks for itself? Testing just how awesome a water ride is sounds like a dream for most of us. So what happens when we take a break from enjoying ourselves? Rollercoasters and candy floss…where do I sign?!

Photo: Swimmers descend a curvy waterslide

Chicken sexer: Again it might not be what you first think! When chicks are first born, the females need to be separated from the males in order for them to tackle the future as egg layers…so someone needs to tell who’s who!

Teddy bear repair technician: A heartbreaking job, placing the life of a child’s stuffed pal into your hands. Teddy bear technicians work at the Build-A-Bear workshops, making sure your furry friends are returned to you in one piece! Could you handle putting the teddy under the knife?



Ostrich babysitter: Returning to the subject of birds, ever thought of kicking in the screaming terrors for giant birds? In Israel, kibbutz workers are employed to take care of the ostriches and keep them out of trouble.

Whisky ambassador: Just goes to show that you don’t need to be able to sing or dance to tour the world! The job is tasting whiskey, deciding if you like the whiskey and then travelling to tell people about the whiskey. Simple enough…plus a whole lotta whiskey!


Professional Scarer: Why confine Halloween to one day when you can make it a full time dream! While some jobs are strictly seasonal, big attractions including London Bridge and Tombs hire actors full time to frighten the cities newest tourists.

Laughter therapist: Fancy being a glorified comedian? It is the job of a laughter therapist to laugh their way through their job, making sure that their comic whimsy and quick wit improves patient welfare along the way! Spend the day having a laugh with people from all walks of life? Funnily enough…that sounds pretty great!

Lego sculptor: The dream of building with colourful bricks doesn’t have to fade along with your childhood. There are currently eight Leo Master Model Builders across the globe, based at Lego land Discovery Centres, living every child’s dream.

Doga instructor: No this is not a typo. The latest craze has hit London with a barking mad bang! Beginning across the Atlantic in New York, Dog Yoga or ‘Doga’ involves owners taking a yoga class with their fun loving pets. Although a dog may struggle with the workout, they can certainly join in with some of the poses.

Professional queuer: Is this really a job? But of course! A professional queuer makes waiting in line a lot more financially worthwhile. American company provide lobbyists with someone to wait in line at Congress hearings. Such occupations are becoming popular in China too…making the wait for pay slightly more tolerable.

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