Who Will You Be This Christmas?


So it’s Christmas and we’re all together as one big happy family! But there’s always one running around like a headless turkey, one in a Christmas dinner comatose, one drunk by the fireplace and most likely one falling asleep in their cracker party hat. So when it comes to this jolly season… how do you normally spend the big day? 

Take a look at our very own Christmas characters. From the frantic cooking to the post-roast napping to the gizmo game playing to the gingerbread baking. We all have our own individual and family traditions at this magical time of year, but do any of these characters sound familiar?

Panic Bot 2512 – Christmas doesn’t just happen in a day for poor old panic bot. There’s the present shopping, the present wrapping, the food shopping, the food preparation and finally the cleaning up. Then you can finally have a rest…in the hope that you haven’t malfunctioned before the end of the day. Sound familiar?

The consumer – Oh…is it Christmas? I guess I’ll just enjoy my numerous new pairs of reindeer and santa socks and have a beer then. We don’t have to worry if there’s someone else slaving away in the kitchen! Your most important job is to finish off the roast and finish the beer! Will you rise to the challenge?

Christmas-crazed kids – PRESENTS PRESENTS PRESENTS…need we say more? It’s all about the confectionery sugar high, playing on the latest gizmos and gadgets…and just enjoying being a kid for the day! Will we ever grow out of it? And do we really have to?!

Baked Goods Guru – We can never get enough of Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses and the all important mince pies! You always brings the best baked goods during the festive period, and the rest of us always enjoy receiving them! So are you the avid baker or the baker’s biggest fan?

The Laze-about – Who wants a justified pyjama day? We do! Christmas is the perfect excuse to whack out the onesie, pig out on choccie treats and keep our eyes glued to the telly…before our morning, afternoon and post dinner naps of course. If it’s like this at Christmas, why can’t we have Christmas everyday of the year?

Sir Drinksalot – Who’s that passed out by noon? You may well be the one in the family who enjoys a bucks fizz with breakfast, a beer with lunch, a glass of red at dinner, brandy in the Christmas pudding, Baileys with the coffee…and all the mulled wine in between! Do you even remember last Christmas? Oh well, who cares if we don’t…we had a fun time forgetting!



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