Wessex Scene Year in Review: 2013


As another year draws to a close and you get ready for whatever ultimately disappointing celebration you have planned for tonight, it’s time to showcase the most-read articles of the past 12 months.

10: Ratemash; Rating Student Hotness At Your University, by Tahlie Cooper


A recent entry on the website that used students’ Facebook profile pictures without telling them and rated them against their peers based on how ‘hot’ they were, Ratemash was controversial enough that the Union stepped in to attempt to get Southampton students removed from the site.

9: Nelson Mandela Dead at 95, by Howell Davies


After a long bout of poor health, the beloved former president of South Africa and Apartheid opponent finally succumbed a few weeks ago. His death led to a wealth of tributes from across the globe and celebrations of the great man’s life.

8: Two Arrested in Connection With Southampton Shooting, by Emma Cheshire


We reported on the arrest of a man and a woman in connection with the shooting of a man in the city centre back in April.

7. Human Remains Washed Up on Southampton Shore, by Sam Everard


A grisly story from the last few weeks. A dog walker discovered human body parts whilst on a morning stroll along the Weston shore.

6: Varsity 2013: The Live Blog, by Ellie Sellwood


Our annual live blog of the varsity competition against Portsmouth proved popular again this year, even if the decision on the result definitely didn’t. If I still sound bitter, it’s because I am.

5: Fight Breaks Out in Hartley Library, by Jack Kanani


The first of the library stories to feature in top 10, this one was all the way back in January. A group of students and their families got into a fistfight in Hartley reception that required university security to break it up.

4: Student Arrested on Suspicion of Arson After Soton Halls Fire, by Tom Durham


Cast your mind back to January again, this time to a fire at Romero Halls that was a suspected case of arson.

3: Robin Thicke’s Misogyny Masterclass, by Sam Everard


Ahh, Robin Thicke. ‘Blurred Lines’ has dominated 2013 both in terms of performance and controversy, and much of the anger surrounding the whole affair has been directed at the unrepentant Thicke. This article taking a look at the video for the song was controversial in itself, attracting an equal share of praise and vitriol in the comments.

2: ‘Southampton University: Rate Your Shag’ is a Step Too Far, by Sam Everard


Another website causing problems, the ‘Rate Your Shag’ page was shut down after enough students reported it to Facebook. The Scene’s piece and a similar piece by the Soton Tab both called for the page, which asked students to rate their not-so-anonymous conquests, to be shut down.

1: Hartley Library Closed Following Bomb Hoax, by Amy Sandys


Our number one article of the year is a very recent entry regarding the fake bomb threat at the library a few weeks ago. At 6,500 hits, the piece is not only our most read of the year but is also our seventh most read of all time.


As well as all those, we’ve also:

  • Had more than 10 of our articles were featured on the BBC.
  • Hosted the first ever Student Publication Association Conference in Southampton in the Easter holidays, at which we won an award for ‘Best Interview’.
  • Made it into the final three of the ‘Student Publication of the Year’ contest on OnesToWatch. That website may now be defunct, but we were very proud at the time.

If you’re interested in writing for the Wessex Scene and helping to make 2014 our best year ever, join our writers group here. From all of us here, Happy New Year!


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