A Quick Guide to Your Presidential Candidates


One of the seven sabbatical roles on offer is that of the Union President. This person will provide overall responsibility for the union and being the face of the union itself, managing relations locally. The president is also chair of the trustee board and is responsible for the finances of the union. Not only does the president look after the union as a whole, but the other sabbatical officers too.

Candidate no.1 


Name: Jed Dummer-Marshall

Subject: Arts

Experience: Led many successful coups in the past.

Main Manifesto Points: End tyranny, free Winchester.

Is there anything the current Sabb has done that you would have done differently? I would not force Winchester to be held shackled to this Union, I would free it immediately.

What sets you apart from the other candidates? Any large object.


Candidate no.2


Name: Michael ”Cap’n Redbeard” Andrews

Subject: Civil and Environmental Engineering, with Swashbuckling and Villany

Experience: A traumatic one in a naval dockyard (Never trust a seagull!)

Main Manifesto Points: modern life is just too safe and normal. What would make it better? Rum, plunder and broadsides! Arrrgh!

Is there anything the current Sabb has done that you would have done differently? I would have buried more treasure, dug up LOTS more of other people’s buried treasure, and done it all while wearing a much fancier hat!

What sets you apart from the other candidates? Well, I am the only pirate candidate! Who else will lead a campaign against boredom and mediocrity, or fit the maths building with sails and rigging? No one! Elect me as Pirate King, and it’ll be a pirates life for all of us! In a good way. Not a life expectancy of 2 years way.


Candidate no.3


Name: Marcus ”Make It Marcus” Burton

Subject: English

Experience: Student Trustee of SUSU and President of EngSoc (the English Society), have previously been a Union Councillor, Chair of the Union Policy Review, and NoToNUS team leader

Main Manifesto Points: changing SUSU into the place where students drive the changes they care about, making students feel valued by making their money go further on campus or recognising how vital our student groups and JCRs are, and getting SUSU ready to achieve brilliant things with a new Union Plan to 2018, a stronger Union Council, and a more transparent Trustee Board.

Is there anything the current Sabb has done that you would have done differently? David’s been a great President, but I do think SUSU could be more open to students’ ideas and better at turning them into change. We’re still hearing students ask, ‘Can SUSU do something…?’ , rather than asking HOW our Union can help them change something, and that’s what I’d do differently.

What sets you apart from the other candidates? I’ve got a complete vision of how SUSU should move forward; from empowering students to make change, loyalty cards in outlets, to banking facilities for our clubs and societies and a new Union building. I have the experience to know all of this is achievable, to get started straight away, and the fresh student perspective to ensure our Union moves forward with its students leading the way.


Candidate no.4 



Name: Laura Mason

Subject: MEng Civil Engineering

Experience: Nightline Officer Union Councillor Committees – Union Council, Student Life Zone, Welfare Committee, Nightline Committee.

Main Manifesto Points: Improving Student life through investment in student groups, making it easier to find jobs and helping students with finances. Making Freshers’ cheaper and easier hosting big events at SUSU and rewarding our volunteers. Rearranging union space to make it accessible to all, provide room for student group’s storage and workspace for union staff.

Is there anything the current Sabb has done that you would have done differently? I think that this year’s Sabb team have done a really good job however I feel that the Freshers’ week Materpass was too expensive and details were unclear. I still feel communication with students needs work on as a number of students feel disconnected from SUSU and don’t see the good work that the Sabbs do.

What sets you apart from the other candidates? I believe that my welfare background has given me more opportunity to engage with students. I would be a President that listens and cares about students views. My leadership experience so far will ensure that the sabbatical team work as a team pulling together to make sure all aspects of student life are being improved.


Candidate no.5


Name: Henry ‘Bow-tie’ Pearson

Subject: Geology


  • National Oceanography Centre (Site) Officer 2013-14
  • Chair of Disciplinary Committee 2013-14
  • Business Ethics Policy Working group member
  • SUCU Secretary 2012-13
  • Peer-to-Peer Academic Mentor
  • Proposer of Facility Charges Policy
  • Southampton University Royal Navy Unit Member (working towards Chartered Management Institute Level 5 certificate)
  • iWelcome committee member 2011

Main Manifesto Points: To better equip and enable students, a student focused university, a responsible, diverse and outward looking union and a connected campus.

Is there anything the current Sabb has done that you would have done differently? A proper feedback system for all our commercial outlets, bringing students to the heart of the decisions for our commercial services in terms of demand for both style and availability.

What sets you apart from the other candidates? I believe I am someone who will put students into the focus of what we do as a union, getting them better equipped, better connected and provided with better spaces. I am also the only person running for president from a site (as far as I know).


Candidate no.6 


Name: David Mendoza-Wolfson

Subject: History, though currently VP Education.

Experience: Vice President Education of SUSU, Trustee (I sit on the Finance and Staffing sub-committees of the board), Chair of SUSU Health and Safety Board, Chairman of SUCA, Former Opinion Editor, Wessex Scene, Multiple Surge shows.

Main Manifesto Points:

  • More part time jobs on campus
  • A stigma free pastoral hub on campus (along with a dedicated teaching and learning building)
  • The opportunity for free language lessons
  • One online portal, replacing SUSSED, Blackboard and the rest!
  • An increase in the block grant (the money, per student, that the Union gets from the University) in order to increase funding in student groups without charging students anything more
  • Obtain the Piazza from the University, relocate the Cafe and use freed space for storage, a multi-purpose studio and a media hub

Is there anything the current Sabb has done that you would have done differently? I would have focussed more on ensuring that we’re looking out for all students, not just those on Highfield. I think that it’s pretty easy to forget that we have students on satellite campuses, and most students don’t even know about the Malaysian campus, but the students at those sites are our members just as much as those on Highfield are.

What sets you apart from the other candidates? Besides my experience as a Sabbatical Officer this year, what really sets me apart from the other candidates is my insistence that SUSU must not be seen simply as a building. SUSU is instead an organisation which is run by its members to make sure that all students at the University are properly looked after so that they have the best possible time they can while they’re here, and they’re set up to lead the best possible lives they can once they leave. We’re not just a facility but also a powerful lobbying tool that can truly change the lives for our students for the better.

Candidate no.7


Name: Joe Hart

Subject: BSc Computer Science

Experience: Current Performing Arts Web and Promotions Officer, former Vice-President of Comedy Society.

Unfortunately, Joe Hart was unavailable to comment.


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