APPly Yourself – 5 Student Essential Apps


Us students may have the latest technology and nifty gadgets, but what do we use them for? Texting, tweeting and more texting! Why not put spent money to good use…by not spending your money? These free apps make having an expensive phone seem all the more worthwhile, with tools to help you feel more organised, relaxed and energised!

MoneyWise – Budgeting isn’t easy, especially for us students! It’s a shock for some to go from the fridge at home magically reproducing our favourite foods, to having to shop for ourselves on a next to nothing budget! MoneyWise tries to simplify budgeting. It keeps your up to date with your expenses as well as including any overdrafts or monthly payments. Not only can it help you budget but it can help you save. This app can also help you manage your own saving targets (on top of its budgeting talents) All for a bargain price of £0.00.

Evernote – This student essential can be used on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Evernote acts as a virtual word processor/organiser (saves carrying numerous folders across campus!) Not only can you type up lecture notes but you can record and photograph too. This app acts as a word processor, dictaphone and camera, along with different folders to help you divide up your modules/subjects, making you feel super organised! Evernote’s basic free app is excellent and the paid premium version allows you to access files offline. But with wi-fi all across campus, why not enjoy the freebee?

Snapchat – Apps can make us feel organised and on top of things when we’re having a stress fest, but sometimes procrastination apps can keep us sane. Snapchat means we can share our humorous library antics or dissertation woes with friends and family, all for the cost of nothing.

Skype – What can you do if you need to rant to your best friend about essay pains or a wardrobe malfunction… but they’re enjoying their yea abroad in a far more luxurious part of the world? Skype is a student must-have to stay in touch with friends and family around the globe. It’s even helpful when your friends are just down the road (Although you can’t resist the call from your bed!)

Nike Training – In between lectures, essays, partying (and consequently hanging), it seems almost impossible to feel the motivation to exercise. The thought of getting out of bed becomes the Everest of most students. So why not do it in the comfort of your own bedroom? Sadly, yes, you may need to physically get out of bed but you won’t even need to walk as far as the gym! Nike training app is completely free, offering workouts of different time lengths and styles to best suit your fitness goal.


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