Students Kickstart Southampton Startup Weekend!


Yesterday kickstarted one of the first student led startup weekends in the UK, hosted by Southampton university students. 

The event began at 6pm on Friday 7th March, when the organisers: Alejandro Saucedo, Tahlie Cooper, Ali Amouzadeh and Roberto Gregoratti welcomed the participants into the ECS Mountbatten Building, host to the weekends event.

The participants were welcomed with a presentation from the organisers and a talk from sponsor ITSE, after which the pitches began.

All participants had the opportunity to present to the rest of the attendees, a 60 second presentation about an idea that they have for a startup. This could be anything from an app, a product or even a business.

After pitching, all participants join the team with what they believe, has the best idea for the best startup. From yesterday evening teams have been working hard to begin their startups. Today, groups will have the opportunity to use innovative technology including Oculus Rift, 3D Printers and Leap motion technology to aid the production of their startup.

All teams are preparing to deliver a 5 minute presentation tomorrow in front an expert judging panel, in an attempt to win the best startup of the weekend.

The Wessex Scene will keep you updated on Southampton Startup Weekend throughout the course of the weekend. For more information please visit  


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