A Life Without ‘Gym’


For those fitness fanatics who live at the uni gym, or for those who just don’t have a membership, there are plenty of ways to keep fit over Easter without breaking the bank! With everyone going home and revising or essay writing, we all need to blow off some steam and there’s no better way to do that then a bit of exercise. But how do we do that without spending money on another gym membership or, quite frankly, spending money at all? Here are some ways to keep fit and feel energised for free, before you hit the books.

1. Fitness app: There are tons out there as you may already know, but many are reliable and best of all free! Why not try the Nike running app or Nike training app? The former helps track your running progress and allows you to set goals, and the latter provides various training programmes led by famous fitness gurus. It’s free, simple and just as good as the machines at the gym…only without the noise of frantic fitness fanatics!


2. Avoid public transport: This certainly saves money. Instead of paying for the bus or a taxi to your local town center, why not walk or cycle? With potential traffic and stops, you might even find walking or cycling is even faster than a bus or cab!


3. Home turned gym: Most items can be used as new and inventive gym equipment. Who needs dumbbells when we can put those extortionately priced textbooks to good use? Maybe use an old box as a stepper? The possibilities are endless, and all it costs is a little creativity.


4. Make the most of TV: It turns out that television can be fun, and good for fitness. Why not transform shows on your favourite channels into a challenge? Every time you hear the theme tune: drop and do 10 push ups. Every time a character does something typical: do 20 jumping jacks. Every time the gang are seen in their ‘hangout’: jog on the spot until the scene changes. You can tailor your workout to as light or intense as you like all whilst watching your favourite show; a money saver and a time saver.


5. Taster sessions: Why turn down a freebie? Google what fitness classes might be happening in your local area, you might find that most offer a free taster session? You only get one free class but if you’re only home for a few weeks…maybe one is all you need!


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