Neknominations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Starting off in Australia, the recent ‘Neknomination’ craze has been viral for the last couple of months. Facebook news feeds have been clogged up with videos of people downing a pint of either just beer or their own concoction of mixable things (usually disgusting) and then nominating two or three people to do the same within 24 hours. This article will attempt to examine the good, the bad and the ugly points of the recent Facebook phenomenon.

The Good:

Despite what many may argue otherwise, the recent Neknomination craze was, to begin with, a fun and light-hearted thing, which was meant to be a bit of banter. Furthermore, some were hilarious: for example, if you put ‘funny Neknominations’ into Youtube, loads of genuinely funny ones are there. A friend of mine did a particularly funny one, keeping a French theme to his necknomination, styling it with a black and white silent film edit and- by playing on the advert- downing a pint of ‘du vin’, ‘du pain’ and ‘du boursin’.

The Bad:

Let’s face it: we all felt that after a few weeks of the craze clogging our news feeds up on Facebook it just started to get annoying, with some people by the end of the craze feeling so guilty that they were doing it that they apologised at the start of the video. Although many people felt left out if they weren’t nominated at the start of the craze, by the end it probably tested some peoples friendships if they were nominated.

The Ugly:

A lot of controversy surrounded the Neknomination trend too, with just last month a fifth person dying as a result of what he consumed in his video. The most recent victim Bradley Eames, who was only 20, bragged: “This is how you drink” before downing two pints of gin consecutively- four days later he was dead. As a result of these deaths, many people called for a ban on Neknomination videos, but many including myself believe this to be ridiculous. Ultimately, it is up to the person to decide what they drink in these videos, and these deaths – tragic though they may be – were the result of mindless acts of alcohol abuse.

I’m sure that I as well as many others are glad to see the back of the Neknomination phase with my newsfeed now back to normal. Yes, there were some deaths associated with it, but these were not down to the concept but rather due to the individuals who tragically took it a step too far and sadly paid with their lives due to one mindless act. It was a craze like others which has had its day, although I’m sure the next one is around the corner of our social networking lives.


Jack Pethick. Sport Editor 2014-2016. Third-Year History student. Mainly write for the Sport section but dabble in writing News and Features. General Armchair pundit and lover of all things Sport. #WouldDoABetterJobThanCarragher

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