Southampton Community Kitchen Project Comes to Glen Eyre Halls


Do you have unwanted tins of non-perishable food lying around in your cupboards? Are you unsure what you can craft out of a tin of beans, some marinated sardines and a jar of Branston Pickle before you head home? Fear not, as Southampton Community Kitchen Project are holding their first ever event at Glen Eyre Halls this Friday, 30th May.

SKCPFrom 1pm onwards, you – whether you’re a Fresher, live in Glen or just want to give your leftover cupboard items a new home – have the chance to visit us on the paved area outside Glen Bar, chat to us about our goal and most importantly give your unwanted food to a newly-founded charitable organisation. We’ll be the ones with games, prizes (just as tickets to Jester’s cider festival!) and green t-shirts on.

As a self-run student start-up, we are not affiliated with any other food bank collection organisations in Southampton. We’ve merely recognised that increasing austerity measures and a reduction in welfare, such as benefits, have had a major impact on the lives of working people in the past few years. With 13 million people in the UK now living below the poverty line, it’s imperative that families in Southampton – and across the UK – have access to enough food to avoid hunger, and the secondary problems brought with it.

Once enough goods have been collected, the team will distribute them to Southampton City Mission. This is a Hampshire-based organisation operating from various venues in Southampton five days a week and any food we collect will ease the pressure on them to provide for the increasing percentage of the population utilising the banks. As students, we’re in an incredibly privileged position already. As a community, we can really make a difference to those who need it.

If your food is past its SELL-by date, bring it. If it’s past its USE-by date, the food bank can’t accept it; so that might have to be used elsewhere or put in the bin. Please also ensure your tins and non-perishables are in a good condition, with no openings or broken seals.

See the map below for directions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Find us on Twitter: @SotonComKitchen using the hashtag #SCKP

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