SUSU Welcome Party at The Cube 22/09/14


SUSU’s Welcome Party was the first event at the Cube for thousands of excited freshers.


The queue was busy from 9pm, with lots of feisty freshers belting halls chants that could be heard front the other side of campus. Chamberlain residents were particularly loud – belting over the other halls. Chants ranged from ‘Harry Potter’s a Connaught Ranger’ to much more offensive ones. A lot of freshers’ were donning their new halls t-shirts. Others were clad with UV paint, while JCRs and Freshers Reps ran up and down the long queue keeping everyone in the right spirit.

Was the long wait worth it? Definitely. As dozens of intoxicated freshers wondered in to the Cube, SUSU staff were handing out UV wristbands and glow sticks to the excitement of partygoers.

Inside, the drinks were cheap, around £2.40 for a double vodka coke and music was roaring. Calum Lyon, Chamberlain’s Welfare Officer, who was working behind bars said it was “a great night” and “really busy.” He went onto say that “It was great to see so many freshers making friends and having such a good time – I hope SUSU put on more events danlike this throughout the year”. The DJ played a mixture of club classics and crowd favourites while hundreds of freshers danced in a very busy Cube. The Cube was more shiny and new than ever, with #SUSUSelfies on screens around the dance floor, and a revolving podium filled with cash in the middle. Several times over the evening these screens changed to freshers names who ran over to the stage in an attempt to ‘Grab a Grand’. Cash flew at them and they had to grab as much as possible in 15 seconds. The lighting too was awesome, with smoke and UV lights all around the dancefloor. Dan Linstead, from Monte JCR said ‘The welcome party was so much fun! That grab a grand game was amazing! I LOVED the UV paint and it was definitely the best night so far!’.

More events during Freshers’ include from SUSU include a Silent Disco, Freshers’ Ball and Big Night Out. Let us know what you thought of the night by tweeting us @WessexScene using the hashtag #HelloSusu. Come back to Wessex Scene for reviews of more Freshers’ events later this week.

For videos from the night, head over to SUSUtv.


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