Freshers’ Ball 2014 – Our Review


SUSU’s Freshers’ Ball is usually the highlight of Fresher’s fortnight, with big name acts and more dance floors then any other night. Was it worth the £25? We think so.

It didn’t always look that way, with the two last minute drop outs of Naughty Boy and the Stars of Hollyoaks.

However, SUSU pulled it out the bag with the last minute addition of S Club, which Freshers loved. Doors opened at 9, and the place was full of tipsy Freshers by 10pm.

We spoke to a number of them at the door. Edward Dunne said “Freshers so far was amazing,” and he chose Southampton because it had “a liberal atmosphere” and that Southampton is “eff-ing amazing”.  He was “most excited for S Club”.

IMG_7758We spoke to Hamish, Tory and Rosie who were “so excited its unreal” – they said they were most excited for alcohol and dancing, although this was eclipsed by their reaction when they found out S Club would be there – think maniacal fangirl screaming.

JCRs Officer Frankie Moaut said it was the best Freshers’ he’d ever been involved in, and obviously S Club were who he was most excited to see.

We  ambushed chatted to Layla and Lisa in the girls’ toilets, who 10719494_873355202689792_1473627046_nwere having an “amazing night”, and especially loved the “boys in suits”. Their favourite night of Freshers’ was Jesters, where they’ve already been five times (kudos).

We spoke to a Fresher called Adam, and Marcus from Chamberlain JCR who were very very proud to be from Chamberlain (cue aggressive chanting), and couldn’t wait for Jess Glynne.

Rory, Steven, Jack and Jess from Liberty Point were excited for “everything”, and were very split between seeing Jess Glynne and S Club. Their favourite night so far was Tight ‘n’ Bright at Popworld, which they said was the “best club in Southampton”.

Jess Glynne playing in the Garden Court was a highlight of the night. With the Garden Court being so full not everyone could get in, but her soulful voice played a beautiful set.

S Club (although late) rocked up to a packed and very excited crowd. Unfortunately, they received a very mixed response. While a lot of Freshers were disappointed to find out Bradley McIntosh and Jo O’Meera were only doing a DJ set, they nonetheless played a huge range of nineties and early noughties hits in the Bridge, which went down very well with the hyperactive Freshers (and certain overexcited Features editors….). Surge Radio spoke to Bradley McIntosh, which you can hear soon here.

The DJs from Surge were an unexpected 10686914_768575319851395_2680529411643696518_nhighlight of the night. Playing on Level 3, they delighted with the range of chart hits, club classics and cheese to a room packed full of Freshers. The Surge Marketing competition to win a Jesters Gold Card, as well as loads of other goodies, with their ‘Faces For Radio’ sign also went down well. Check out the pictures here.

IMG_7755Students seemed disappointed by MK, who perhaps had his mind elsewhere, doing other gigs that night. However, Joel Compass also played a great set and the SUSU Silent Disco was an awesome success. Bar Three hosted Soul 45 DJs who also played the American Diner Opening earlier in Freshers’ Week. Their eclectic mix of Old School Hip Hop, Jazz, and Blues went down a treat with Freshers, and Bar Three remained busy all night.

The Fun Fair on the Red Brick returned, and was once again a great success – especially the free Master Blaster ride which was busy from the start, right until closing at 3am. There too was a ‘ring a toss’ where students could win a cuddly minion from ‘Despicable Me’ and strength exercise, where brave Freshers attempted to hold themselves up on a metal bar for 90 seconds in exchange for a £15 cash prize.

Was there room for improvement? Yes. Drinks were more expensive than a usual SUSU price, and some of the bigger name acts were disappointing. Still, on the whole, it was an excellent night – and the vast majority of Freshers loved every second.



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