5 Most Useful Things to Have in Halls


Even though Freshers’ is typically all about going out and making a complete fool of yourself under the influence of alcohol, it’s also the experience in halls that’s important during first year. It’s the first time for many of us to live with new people, so here are a few things that, as a Fresher, will make your time in halls memorable.

1. Post-it notes

Whether it’s to leave a cutesy message to have a nice weekend whilst away visiting home, or permission to nab some of whatever baked good/sweet treat is on the kitchen table, these colourful slips of paper are the epicenter of flat communication. Also handy during the first week to learn names (put them on the kitchen cupboards!) and to draw obscene doodles and put them under people’s doors (you know who you are), invest in some post-it notes to avoid the awkward “lack of  flat interaction syndrome”.

Post-it Notes

2. Anti-bacterial hand gel
Although freshers’ flu is hopefully behind us *crosses fingers*, there will inevitably be some irritating cold or virus that sweeps over the uni and especially the halls of residence during the next couple of months. A dispenser of gel in the kitchen is a great way to avoid the bug of a sickly housemate, or keep your own germ-infested hands from infecting anyone else. When it comes to illness, sharing is definitely NOT caring!

3. Films
Watching films with flatmates is such a good way to learn more abouDisney-logot each other, and what with Christmas looming there are tons of festive favourites to enjoy as a group. But whatever your genre of choice is, make a flat movie list!

4. Packs of cards
The classic. Perfect for pre-drinking, playing cards is always fun with both old and new friends, even when you’re desperately trying to learn 5 different sets of rules for Uno as there are those people who insist that you have to swap hands when a zero comes up (you’re wrong) Just don’t treat it too seriously and throw a tantrum, or you’ll end up being known as the sore loser, not cool.

5. A flat gimmickAinsley_Harriott
This is  something entirely unique to your flat/house, something which provokes inside jokes and memorable moments. This could be anything, from a picture of Ainsley Harriott to a microwave which keeps setting things on fire. If you don’t have one now, it’s likely that something will turn up at some point during the year, and completely confuse outsiders when you try to explain why.

So if your flatmates don’t really know much about each other, or are already experts on personal trivia (maybe just get some anti-bacterial hand gel?), share some flat love!


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