Jedi Battle On Campus


Last Friday evening two young Jedi Knights did battle in the centre of Highfield Campus in broad daylight.

The two, presumed Padawan learners due to their youth, were seen fighting with lightsabers by several passers by in the Visitors parking on Highfield Campus. The brazen nature of the outbreak is evident, given that it took place within sight on those working in the Mountbatten, Zepler and Nightingale buildings and in broad daylight.

It is unclear at present, but one was brandishing a red lightsaber signifying a member of the rival Sith following that uses the dark side of the Force.

A Lightsaber, similar to ones used by the two Jedis.
A Lightsaber, similar to ones used by the two Jedis.

There has been no statement yet from the University on the incident, although as witnesses on a bus passing by the battle commented the CCTV network on campus might have caught some sight of them. One also quipped the irony of their battle location, nearby the Optoelectronic Research Centre‘s facilities in the Mountbatten building.

The sighting confirms the rise of the Jedi way of life in our culture today. Statisticians have already noted the rise of the religious elements of their culture – according to the 2011 UK Census there were 176,632 Jedis in the country. The teachings are well known across the country with the term Jedi entering into the Dictionary in 2002 and a significant amount of material made on the subject.

While we have no further evidence into the identity of the two it only further proves that strange things go on on campus when the students aren’t around.


Feature Image courtesy of Brian Neudorff



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