“The Full Monty”: Why dropping Your Drawers Can Help Find a Cure


Last year I had the pleasure of watching the hilarious, wonderfully crude and uplifting show that is “The Full Monty” right here in Southampton at the Mayflower Theatre. The show, was described by The Guardian as “deliciously enjoyable”.  Never before have I had such a unique theatre experience providing laughter and shock for the audience as well as a healthy side order of heckling and wolf whistling in response!

In my position as Partnerships Officer for Southampton RAG I aim to engage students in the campaign for the centre for cancer immunology that the University of Southampton is proposing to be built in 2018. Ground-breaking research is being conducted at the University into using immunotherapy to fight cancer- and it is working. Therefore this new centre will aim to support this research and encourage more clinical trials of potentially life-saving treatments.  And YOU can be a part of it!

But where on earth does taking your kit off link to a cancer immunology centre? I approached Andreas Ayling, the Production Manager for the Full Monty tour, regarding the campaign and whether he and the cast and crew would be interested in being involved by donating some signed merchandise. His response was immediate, promising that he would talk to everyone he could.

It is safe to say, he pulled it out of the bag! Not only were myself and alumni Sarah Ravens able to see the show, we also spoke to the majority of the cast afterwards who were all hugely supportive of the campaign and happy to sign a programme. In addition we have t-shirts and posters that will contribute to the competition prize. On thanking Andreas, his response was simple “It is a pleasure. Cancer is a horrible illness and if there is any way to stop it then everyone should help. I am glad to do my bit to support the campaign.”

handing over merch with watermarkOur Partnerships Officer Steph Powell with Production Manager Andreas Ayling handing over the merchandise.

All we can say is thank you so much Full Monty UK for your support! A huge thank you must also go to Dave MacCreedy who encouraged us to meet the cast after the show, allowed us to explain the campaign to them and also ensured that we had a picture with those present to show their support.

Whole Cast with watermarkThe Full Monty cast happy to strike a pose to support the campaign with Southampton University alumni Sarah Ravens and Partnerships Officer Steph Powell.

It was an amazing opportunity to get such a high profile show involved in a student area of fundraising for a much larger campaign.

merch with watermark

So students, if a lesson can be learnt from this “if you don’t ask you don’t get” so JUST ASK! Because you never know… it might just pay off.

Want to be involved in making students a fundamental part of the campaign for the cancer immunology centre? Then do not hesitate in joining the campaign specific Facebook group for updates. Or email me (Steph Powell) at partnership@susurag.org.


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