SUSU Election Rumours: Who’s Running?


With SUSU election nominations annouced this Friday, our top secret Wessex Scene reporter chased the gossip around campus to find out who might be running for a sabbatical position at the student union elections this year. Here we display his/her findings…


Sophia D’Angelico

Ben Franklin

Tahlie Cooper

Evan Whyte

Katie Lightowler

Ben Morton

Tim Buringham

Sebastian Vogelpoel

VP Democracy & Creative Industries 

Chris McGeehan

Kerry Sclater

Ben Morton

Hannah Mylrea-Hemmings

Louise Bellamy

VP Engagement: 

Jenny Bortoluzzi

Hannah Talbot

VP Sports Development:

Katie Lightowler

Jamie Wilson

Katie Pepper

Doug Lloyd

VP Welfare:

Eva Pemberton

Sam Bailey

Charlotte Pollins

Orla Sheehan

VP Communities:

Rebecca Lake

Anjit Aulakh

VP Education: 

Shruti Verma

Edmund Baird

Giles Howard

Milosz Gaczkowski

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