Candidate Interview: Chibeza Mumbi, VP Welfare


In the run up to the 2015 SUSU election, the Wessex Scene team have been interviewing the candidates running for sabbatical positions. Here I interview VP Welfare candidate Chibeza Mumbi.

What distinguishes you from the other candidates running  for VP Welfare?

I feel like I have a realistic view of what SUSU can do, The other two candidates have great policies but are more general.  I’m really trying to listen to what students want in reality from SUSU and from University in general.

Your manifesto has focused a lot on raising awareness of people in abusive relationships and ensuring the University is doing it’s best to focus on mental health issues. But you’ve been pretty vague on how you’re going to go about this. What are your plans in enforcing it?

Before abuse relationships, I think there should be some kind of publication where people can see resources such as the  SUSU website. Just getting it out there, making people aware of it first is important, so that if people feel they are in an abusive relationship they can go somewhere to talk about it and for help and support.

As far as mental health, student minds are having a mental health awareness week which is great, especially things like stress management are great, we just need to make people more aware. Things like self care packages on campus would be nice.

What are your plans to work with Student Minds?

I haven’t needed to go to any of the stuff,  I think they do such great things with students that are struggling. I’d love to listen to their great ideas and anything they can add is great.

Another big point on your manifesto is housing. The incumbent VP welfare already does a lot of working and campaigning on this, how would you improve on this work?

I think the SUSU housing organisation is a great start. I think in terms of students that don’t go to that to find their houses is who needs help. My point was a lot of people are targeted for crappy accommodation such as all male groups. So I want to let students know what’s legal and acceptable, giving students support with housing – any helpful solutions!

What are you going to do to make SUSU more accessible for student parents?

Things like the timings student council and committee meetings discourages people with problems of childcare from coming. I think this is something that SUSU needs to look at, and have student parents in mind, it would be nice to have their involvement in SUSU.


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